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So, you’ve booked your first pain management appointment in Oklahoma City. Congratulations! You might be wondering, “what now?” That’s a good question to ask since heading to the clinic unprepared can leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Here’s ...
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Cranberry juice is not only a deliciously tasting drink, it also provides us with important health benefits. If we believe everything we read it would appear that cranberry juice can cure half of all known health problems. Unfortunately this is ...
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As the COVID-19 outbreak persists to evolve, it is necessary to prepare for potential mandatory home quarantine or isolation. According to CDC, both quarantine and isolation differ. The former is for people who are exposed to coronavirus and ...
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  Dr. Michael Everest has had an incredible role in society. Besides helping patients, Michael Everest is at the front line assisting Keck School with different projects. The primary objective is to make sure that the students have ...
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Love trying new flavors? Know how to find the best one

Are you tired of blowing out the same old humongous clouds and look for something denser? Well, the vapor block is a real thing, but it can be solved as well. If you want your vapors to look ...
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