Gift Ideas for Someone Coming Home from the Hospital

Gift Ideas for Someone Coming Home from the Hospital

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Spending time at a hospital for recovery is the loneliest time, particularly in the recent pandemic when people have to isolate themselves entirely. Thus, welcoming your loved ones with generous gifts can be really thoughtful, and it will make them feel loved. There are many gift ideas for someone coming home from the hospital that you can choose from.

You may know someone who has been suffering from chronic illness and often has to be hospitalized or maybe someone who is coming out of isolation due to COVID-19. To support them and to show love, you can give them many thoughtful gifts.

Apart from staying connected through video calls, Instagram photos, and phone calls, welcoming your loved ones with something that will boost their motivation will be far better.


Here are numerous gift ideas for someone coming home from the hospital that will leave a positive impact:

1- Photograph String Lights

You can gift your loved ones a photograph string light set with all the memorable photos you have with them. It will certainly brighten up the environment and refresh all your memories together. These string lights come with pegs, so you can easily clip photos on them.

An additional tip would be that you decorate the entire room with string lights, some comfort food, balloons, and memorable photos.

2- A Personalized Photo Frame

You can also buy a personalized photo frame as one of the gift ideas for someone coming home from the hospital. You can add a sweer message engraved on the front with your most memorable photo together. It will be a thoughtful and fun way to remind your loved ones that they are not alone.

3- A Self-Care Box

A little box of self-care can help out in various ways. You can add a candle, a face mask, and some chocolates. A good book, some stationary, and herbal tea can also go a long way in a self-care box.

For someone with chronic illness, you can add:

  • A hot water bottle
  • A customized mug
  • A gift certificate for delivery from their favorite restaurant

You know your loved one more than others, and they will appreciate all the gestures you make to remind them that they are never alone in their struggle.

4- A “Why I Love You?” book

It is a lovely gift that enables you to write different things about your loved one on every page.

There are various books out there that are funny, romantic, sweet, and a little snarky. If you have an internal joke about any of it, you can also quote it in your book for them. It is a sure way to put a smile on their face.

5- Phone Sanitizer

You tend to use your phone more when you are isolated. It can lead to many bacterial infections. Therefore, adding a phone sanitizer in the self-care box is always a good thing. It will help your person to keep their hygiene updated.

6- A Personalized Mug

You can gift them a personalized mug with wishes and pictures to remind them how much they mean to you. They will use it daily and get a reminder that they have you at the back. It is a cute gesture to buy mugs with hidden messages at the bottom that they will see when they finish their beverage. You can also write a funny message or an inside joke to make them giggle and feel loved in their tough times.

7- A Body Pillow

Human contact is necessary at such times, and social distancing makes it a hassle. Therefore, gifting a body pillow is a thoughtful idea that your loved ones can hug when they feel down. It will keep them warm at night, and they can snuggle into it when they feel unwell. Although it does not come near to a human hug, something is better than nothing.

It’s the Thought that Counts

There are many gift ideas for someone coming home from the hospital that could easily make their day. It does not matter what the gift is; it is the gesture and thought that counts. It could be a subtle or sentimental message, some comfort food, a chatting session; as long as you do it with love and compassion, it is always well received.

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