Physiotherapy In Singapore: 7 Common Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy In Singapore: 7 Common Sports Injuries

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Many people are finding joy in sports. You will see them having games during their free time, on weekends, or even after work. They do not get tired while playing because all they feel is that they are having fun. Playing sports also means that you are taking care of yourself. It is okay if you do not have time to go to the gym, but you play sports. But to ensure that you will not experience sports injuries, consider getting the help of a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore.


Physiotherapy and osteopathy in Singapore have been helping athletes with their injuries for years. You can contact them if you encounter issues with your musculoskeletal system because of the sports you are playing. But even if you do not experience anything, checking with them is still necessary. They can do various things for athletes, knowing they need to maintain their health. To give you an idea about how to keep yourself safe from doing sports, here are the common injuries you might encounter:



For people whose sports are into running and jumping, be familiar with Achilles tendinitis. Your heel bone is the first affected by this condition, so ensure that you undergo physiotherapy to treat it. Some people might not feel it, but it could occur days after. If you feel pain in your heel and swelling starts to show, those are signs that you need to visit a health professional already. Ignoring it can cause more harm to your body.


Many people experience back pain, and it is one of the things you will hear from those who play sports. However, even non-athletes have this condition. Workers who do heavy movements and sit and stand for long hours also experience this. It depends on what you do and how you take care of your posture. The pain you feel might be okay, but you will notice differences if you do not treat it early. You can take medicines, but ensure that they are from your doctor.


Physiotherapy in Singapore also treats people who have a sprain. If you have this condition, you know where to go. But to avoid this, ensure that you are careful when doing sports, walking or jumping. One wrong move can cause a sprain, making you feel pain and unable to walk. You will get weak while moving and see swelling in the affected area. Some of what you can do is rest and put on a bandage.


If there is one body part you should also protect, it is the head. If something happens to it, your overall health could be at risk. One of the things you might experience is a concussion. This problem means your head is suffering from pain and trauma from the accident. Wearing a helmet is helpful, but it depends on the sport. Here are the following signs to help you know when to see a doctor:

  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Unable to focus
  • Eyesight problems

If you are experiencing any of these, do not let them worsen by getting the help of professionals. They know what they need to do, especially in providing treatments. But even if you do not feel these symptoms, it is better to check with your doctor and avoid worsening the issue.



An osteopath in Singapore also treats ankle sprain. It is for people who accidentally twisted their ankles during sports and cannot move the affected part. If you force it, you might feel extreme pain. Accidents concerning the ankle can affect your balance and overall work. You cannot walk properly, so you might need the help of a loved one to move. The signs include redness and swelling, pain, and popping sound.


Your shoulder can get affected by one wrong move. If your sports are basketball, volleyball, and weightlifting, you could experience this injury. But even if you do not play sports, simple home activities can give you a shoulder injury. If you stretch your arms too much to reach something or do some curtain installation, do not get surprised to have this.


Aside from your shoulder, your knees can also become affected. And it is the most common injury athletes experience. Every movement they do can affect the knee, even if the activity is not heavy. If you do not want to have this problem, wearing a knee brace can help. Buy the brand that is recommended by many, especially in preventing injuries. A physiotherapy clinic can also give some suggestions about what to use.

Experiencing sports injuries can affect many things in your life, especially your job and family. So if you will have a game with your family or friends, ensure that you use sports equipment that could minimise the injuries you might experience. If you are an athlete, getting the assistance of a physiotherapist and an osteopath in Singapore is possible. But before trusting one, check the background and reviews. It is better to check everything about them first before contacting them.


Now that you are already aware of the sports injuries you might experience, you also need to know how you can prevent them from happening. It is better to be careful from the start than undergo surgeries and other procedures that might cost you money and energy. Instead of continuing the bond with your family and friends, you need to spend time in an operating room or resting. So to help you avoid injuries and an osteopath, here are some of what you must remember:


  • Do some warm-ups.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Watch out for your health.
  • Remember to take a break.

No one wants to experience sports injuries, especially athletes. So, taking care of yourself is necessary, even if you do sports for fun or as a job. These tips can help you be more aware of your movements, even if you are not playing. Do not let your body get weak because you do what you love. If you have injuries or want a general check-up, look for a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore or visit the website of Calibrate Health.