Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

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Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

We know that losing weight is not easy. That’s why we want to help you find success in your journey with the most up-to-date trends and information on gastric sleeve surgery, including average monthly weight loss after a procedure like this one. We will also discuss the various factors affecting weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery. Read on!

What is the average weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery?

The average weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy in a patient is about 70 percent of their excess body weight. This means, on average, a surgical weight loss patient would lose around 50 to 60 pounds or even more than that in the initial 6 months. The weight loss results 2 months after sleeve surgery are great considering the fact that there is no change in lifestyle for the patient.

What are the Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery are as follows: It’s a relatively small and minimally invasive surgery as only 5 to 10 percent of the stomach is removed. Recovery time after this procedure is minimal, around 2 weeks on average. The procedure has a high rate of weight loss success; around 90% of patients lost 40% or more of their excess body weight and maintained it for five years and longer (1). Despite the fact that no lifestyle changes are needed, sleeve gastrectomy will still lead to improved health.

Gastric Sleeve Success Rate

In the long term, sleeve gastrectomy or other bariatric surgery can be extremely effective. Up to 95% of patients who undergo bariatric surgery will lose enough weight (an average of 50-60 pounds) to improve their health. As with any type of weight loss program, success depends on your commitment to making healthier food choices and increasing physical activity.

Is weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery permanent?

The amount of weight lost following sleeve gastrectomy varies greatly between individuals. Most people can expect to lose around 70 percent of their excess body weight over the course of one year after their  gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico. However, some people may lose as much as 90 percent of their excess body weight over the course of two years. This means that sleeve gastrectomy can significantly reduce your risk for many health problems, although it is not a cure-all solution.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It takes around 6 to 18 months for most people to lose a significant amount of weight after gastric bypass surgery. In the first six months, you can expect to lose around 70% – 80% of your excess body weight. You will probably reach your goal weight in about one year and maintain this for at least five years. Sometimes it’ll take a while to get used to your new stomach. It may take several months for you to feel full on smaller amounts of food, but eventually, you should notice a big difference in the amount of food you need to feel satisfied with.

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Factors that affect weight loss post-bariatric surgery:

  1. Diet- Diet plays the biggest role in weight loss post-bariatric surgery. Dietary changes may include smaller portion sizes, different food choices, and learning how to manage hunger and fullness.
  2. Exercise – Exercise also plays a role in weight loss after bariatric surgery. A consistent exercise program can help you maintain the weight you’ve lost as well as help prevent long-term weight gain.
  3. Lifestyle changes – Lifestyle changes are significant after bariatric surgery and may include:
  4. Eating out less often
  5. Avoiding high-risk situations (avoiding old habits/friends that promote unhealthy eating)
  6. Keeping active by taking the stairs, walking, etc.
  7. Post-surgery complications – The most common concern in the first six months following weight loss surgery is a potential weight regain. Weight loss surgery does not guarantee a long-term solution to weight problems, and some people will regain some or all of their lost weight.

Complications that may occur after bariatric surgery include:

  1. Postoperative leaks from the staple line
  2. Abdominal fluid collection – this may occur if there is a leak and can drain on its own
  3. Surgical site infection
  4. Blood clots – this is rare but may be more likely if you or your family has a history of blood clots.

Note: This section is not a replacement for medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for any health concerns or before making any lifestyle or medication changes.

In conclusion, if you are considering this surgery to help with your obesity and want to know how much weight you can lose on average each month, we hope our blog post has been helpful!

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