5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Physical Therapist in Singapore

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Physical Therapist in Singapore

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The human body is generally prone to injuries and various health issues. Some of these heal themselves over time. However, some could take weeks or months before they return to normal. These cases typically take a toll on the patient. For example, athletes who stop playing for several months can expect their skills to diminish. Fortunately, getting a physical therapist in Singapore is an effective method to ensure that the body undergoes proper recovery or experiences adequate relief.

No matter what kind of treatment you’re seeking, cardiovascular or vestibular physiotherapy, you must get the right expert to aid your recovery. Settling for anyone less than competent or skilled can cause issues like additional fees and ineffective exercises. However, finding the right physical therapist can be difficult if it is your first time looking for one. Fortunately, this article aims to guide you through these five tips to help you find the right expert to handle your case. Continue reading to find out more about them.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Physical Therapist in Singapore

Before you start learning about the five tips on finding the right physical therapist, you must know when you should consult and seek their aid. It can be a waste of time when you head to a physio clinic in Singapore only to discover that your condition doesn’t necessarily require the expertise of a physical therapist. Therefore, here are five signs you need to see an expert immediately.

5 Signs You Need to See a Physical Therapist

1. You Have Injuries

Generally speaking, most individuals that seek a physical therapist in Singapore do so because of an existing or recent injury. The exercises and activities that these experts provide help you strengthen your body part, decreasing the likelihood of your issue occurring again or worsening in the future.

2. Changes in Your Body’s Performance

Since injuries can take weeks or months before full recovery, you can expect changes to your body once you return to being physically active. For example, you might experience difficulty playing basketball after receiving an injury to your ankles. It is during these kinds of cases that a private physiotherapy session in Singapore can aid in the recovery of your lost strength. Furthermore, your physical therapist can help you avoid future complications by providing some tips.

3. Painkillers Aren’t Enough

If you’re an athlete or at the very least, physically active, you are most likely familiar with experiencing minor body aches or pains. Typically, over-the-counter painkillers are sufficient to provide relief. However, if your pain persists, it might be time to get a physical therapist to avoid worsening your condition.

4. Lingering Pain

Minor injuries take a couple of days before the pain disappears. However, if you are still experiencing discomfort or aches after two to three days of rest, you might have chronic pain conditions which worsen over time. Therefore, consider contacting a physio clinic in Singapore to address the problem.

5. Sharp Pain

Experiencing sudden pain anywhere in your body should raise serious concerns as it could indicate serious injuries. If you want to avoid paying for expensive surgeries, addressing the issue as early as possible can help treat it. Consider enlisting the aid of a physical therapist in Singapore to experience long-term relief.

If you are experiencing one or more of these five signs, consider heading to a physio clinic for various treatment procedures like dry needling in Singapore. However, as stated previously, here are five tips to help you find the right physical therapist and enjoy the maximum benefits these experts provide their patients. Continue reading the second half of this article for more information.

5 Tips For Choosing a Physical Therapist


1. Ask for a Referral

Since you may not have prior knowledge in finding a physical therapist, you can consider seeking your physician for recommendations or referrals. Furthermore, your family and friends may know a thing or two about their previous experiences. If they do, you can also gain insight into their reviews regarding their sessions.

2. Consider Their Location

After finding one, the next step is to check if their physiotherapy and osteopathic centre in Singapore is near your location. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time and fuel on the road for a clinic that is out of the way.

3. Check Their Specialisation

Like other experts regarding health, a physical therapist in Singapore can choose to have specialisations. What it means is that these experts can choose to study a specific part of physiotherapy. It could be paediatric, orthopaedic, cardiovascular, etc. Therefore, when looking for a physical therapist, it pays to learn more about their specialisation since these dictate how well they can treat your injury or condition.

4. Learn About Their Methods

Ideally, you want a physical therapist who relies on manual aid and only considers machines as an aid when necessary. While a piece of equipment is valuable, they are generally there to supplement your routine. They do not help treat your injuries or any of your underlying conditions. Therefore, consider asking your potential physical therapist how they plan to help you recover to avoid falling for incompetent experts.

5. Assess Your Compatibility

Lastly, you want your physical therapist to make you feel comfortable. This aspect is one of the most crucial factors in determining whether they are sufficient for your needs. Whenever you have concerns, you should feel free to inform them. Being comfortable leads to open communication and better coordination, eventually leading to better recovery.



Finding the right physical therapist can be difficult if it is your first time needing their services. Fortunately, these five tips will help you distinguish which experts can provide satisfactory aid from those who will only waste your time and money.

However, before you look for a physical therapist, you need to determine whether you need their assistance. For example, assess your body for any lingering pain or changes in its performance. Remember that you want to verify if you have ongoing issues or conditions that a physical therapist can help you with.

Once you determine the signs, you should start looking for a physical therapist as soon as possible to prevent your condition from worsening. If you are looking for an Orchard physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic, check out Edge Healthcare. Visit their website for more information regarding their services and experts.