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IV Infusion Therapy
Pain Management
Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, you know how difficult it can be to live with this debilitating pain. Traditional treatments like medication and therapy can ...
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Carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore, or median nerve compression, is a condition that occurs when your median nerve receives pressure due to repetitive motion for a long time ...
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Sleeve After Gastric Bypass
Weight Loss
Are you considering having gastric sleeve surgery? You may be wondering if you can have this procedure if you’ve already had gastric bypass surgery. The answer to this ...
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Bloating happens in your abdomen (stomach). It happens once your epithelial duct (GI) tract is stuffed with air or gas. The alimentary canal runs from the mouth to ...

Is it possible to get Tinnitus relief by drinking tea? What kind of tea must you drink? How effective will it be? How often do you need to ...
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Aromatherapy is considered as one of the famous Holistic healing therapies.  This therapy uses oil extractions to promote health and wellbeing. As it uses essential oils extracted from ...
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As the covid 19 cases in Malaysia rose exponentially for the past few weeks, it is extremely important to stay at home and avoid covid 19 close contacts ...
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Dental Care
Whether you do the whitening procedure at home or in the clinic, there are certain rules and restrictions that you need to follow after the procedure is done. ...
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Have you been wondering if the drug aspirin, cardiprin and glyprin are all the same with just some different names sold in the clinic? You might be right ...
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Although the information that coffee enclose acrylamide, a likely cancer-causing agent, latest investigations into food acrylamide use have as well discovered no relationship with malignancy hazard. Despite the ...
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