Preparing For Your Health Check Up: 7 Useful Tips For Everyone

Preparing For Your Health Check Up: 7 Useful Tips For Everyone

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Have you ever wondered why most medical experts recommend periodic health check up sessions in Singapore? First, people should be able to know their current status because they do things every day. Imagine how hard it is to suddenly fall down the stairs, for example, because you have an unknown condition.

Second, these consultations and examinations help you look for early warning signs that require immediate attention. Of course, one big no-no in health and wellness is overlooking these things.

Lastly, doing these things will help you gather tips on living life to the fullest! It can be the appropriate schedule to visit the gym for your routines or the type of food to consume that suits your lifestyle.

The seemingly trivial problem when doing an executive health screening in Singapore is when people are unfamiliar with things. Some have no idea what to wear during the physical examinations, forget the rules of conduct and behaviour inside the clinic, and sometimes the necessary payment methods. A person should never experience these things, and that is the objective!

In this article, let us dive deep into a few preparation tips everyone should follow before visiting a clinic for an executive health screening:


Let us assume you are someone finally taking a step to proper health and wellness. The first step is to assess your needs. What does this mean? Have a goal or reason you wish to do a health check up session. For instance, a Singapore sports medicine centreis great for active individuals and athletes who seek to enhance their performance and gather relevant tips and techniques to live a healthier lifestyle. In this case, their consultation will revolve around this concern, and they will be able to reach whatever goal they have. Another instance is wanting to know whether you have underlying conditions because you are about to turn forty years old in a few months.


There are many options for your health check up in Singapore, such as a general consultation for your needs, a specialised one that focuses on your pre-existing conditions, or even one that caters to athletes and active individuals. Before anything else, check the screening package, such as the examinations, tests, and other related matters. Doing this helps you know what to expect and the things to prepare and do before your appointment. (Tip: Call the clinic or contact them through your preferred communication channel a few days or weeks before your schedule, and expect them to send an invoice or proof that you have hired their services.)


Aside from understanding the package or reading the schedule for your knee pain treatment in Singapore, for example, take note of any instructions the clinic might have for you. The first tip: If there is anything to avoid a few hours before the appointment, follow that rule at all costs because you would not want to jeopardise test results or anything that affects your health. Second, while the clinic takes care of everything for you, there might be a case where you need to bring a particular item, so follow that at all costs. (Tip: Asking through communication channels is free. Do that if there is anything that needs answers.)



Not just for health and wellness activities, but starting your day feeling groggy and sleepy is a big no-no. First, it can lead to stress and fatigue when driving around Singapore to go to the sports medicine centre or riding public transport. Second, your mind can wander around aimlessly when you are tired. You need to understand what the specialist is saying to you, the tips they are sharing, and everything about the consultation. With this, take at least seven hours of sleep the night before your appointment and avoid strenuous and tiring activities as much as possible. It will help you have a good session at the clinic.


Impressing the doctor or expecting great results from tests is not the purpose of an executive health screening in Singapore. Why? Patients do this to learn about a particular condition, know their vital signs and other medical measures, and sometimes seek further treatment. With this, there is no need to make drastic changes because you want to impress the doctor and see more desirable results. For instance, you are trying to lower your cholesterol levels because it is not healthy, but there is no scientifically possible way to do that a few days before the appointment. (Tip: Never worry too much about things. Whatever the outcome, there is always a solution!)


Comfortable clothing is the way to go when doing a health check upsession because you will wait inside the clinic, walk around the facility, and sometimes do physical tests that require minimal movement. If you are having challenges choosing pieces from your closet, consider going with a simple top of the right fit and comfortable trousers that you can wear for a few hours. There is no need to prepare the most extravagant outfit because feeling happy and relaxed with what you have is already enough! Besides, you are there for health and wellness, not to impress people.



There are different payment methods for an executive health screening in Singapore. Patients have varying bills because their health concerns differ, and one might only need the bare minimum or the basic procedures. While the other has additional knee pain treatmentbecause of an accident. Overall, the key is to prepare at least two viable options in case one might not work, such as bringing the necessary amount of cash alongside your approved insurance plan. That way, things will never go wrong and you will leave the clinic without hassle!

Thomson Wellth Clinic assures their patients and clients of a health check up that suits their goals and needs. If you have anything in mind, visit their website for more information.

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