4 Advantages of Yoga for Post Bariatric Patients

4 Advantages of Yoga for Post Bariatric Patients

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Yoga for Post Bariatric Patients

One of the post-bariatric patients’ biggest concerns is how to regain a sense of balance and stability. The good news is that yoga can help and be beneficial for both physical and mental health! It is a natural way to help manage the stress and anxiety that may come with post-bariatric surgery.

Yoga helps you to control your body in a different way, which can be challenging after weight loss surgery when you no longer feel in control. It also helps keep you flexible and strong so that you may resume normal activities once again.

To know more, here are the four advantages of yoga for post-bariatric patients.

1. Improved Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

A regular yoga practice can improve joint mobility and range of motion. It is important for post-bariatric patients because many have experienced significant weight loss, which can cause joints to become stiff and tight.

Exercise after bariatric surgery that focuses on stretching the hips, hamstrings, and spine can help to counteract the tightened muscles and joints that result from weight loss.

2. Improved Stamina and Endurance

Yoga can also help increase stamina and endurance. After bariatric surgery, patients commonly experience a reduction in energy levels. It happens due to fatigue, stress, and excess skin hanging around the abdomen. Yoga helps restore strength by toning muscles while stretching out the body.

3. Better Stress Management

Bariatric surgeon in Maryland suggests that yoga is a great way to manage stress. Yoga can be calming and help you de-stress. It further helps your body recover after bariatric surgery trauma.

Regular yoga practice allows for mental clarity. It is something that may not have been possible when dealing with the fatigue, depression, etc., brought on by weight loss surgery.

4. Improved Sleep Quality

Many post-bariatric patients suffer from disturbed sleep patterns and insomnia. Yoga has been shown to effectively improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and stress relief.

The poses involved in a yoga practice help prepare the body for rest. Plus, the deep breathing exercises practiced during yoga can calm the mind. This improved sleep can reduce stress and make life feel less overwhelming after surgery, which is important for the overall psychological well-being of post-bariatric patients.

Wrapping Up

These were the four major benefits of practicing yoga after bariatric surgery and overall health. However, if you have any concerns with regard to bariatric surgery procedures or weight management, it’s best to consult with a doctor right away!

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