Beauty: 6 gestures to sublimate your skin

Beauty: 6 gestures to sublimate your skin

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Dull complexion, tiredness, small face… What if you gave your skin a good breath of fresh air? Come on, we’ll take you on a beauty treatment inspired by Asian routines. Care to be carried out successively, step by step, to prepare your skin, then stimulate it, beautify it but also protect it. Each skin type has its own needs and rituals: follow the program!

Beautiful skin testifies to your well-being and good health, the functions of the epidermis are essential:

  • Protective role against external aggressions (cold, UV radiation pollution, bacteria, etc.)
  • Source of vitamins: the skin plays a synthetic role in the production of vitamin D
  • Reflection of our emotions: anxiety, stress or fatigue have an impact on our skin.

So, why and how to take care of your skin? Here are 6 essential steps to beautify your complexion.

Act 1: Remove make-up

Essential, make-up removal is the secret to a beautiful complexion and clear skin. Otherwise? Beware of tired eyes, hollow features and tight skin.

If you have normal or combination skin, opt for the freshness and floral tones of micellar water : both gentle and effective, it allows you to remove make-up from face and eyes perfectly and gently.

For skin with a rather dry tendency, prefer cleansing milk, creamy and nourishing.

Act 2: Cleanse and exfoliate

You have to rid your skin of impurities (sebum, pollution, toxins, dead cells) to help it breathe. It is not always easy to choose the right treatment. On a daily basis, prefer a cleansing foam if you have combination skin, or the purifying cleansing gel for oily skin: your epidermis is purified and sanitized, ready to receive the next care.

Once or twice a week, do not hesitate to revive the radiance of your complexion with a scrub. Goals? Lighten and refine your skin texture, eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell renewal. Our favorite? The gentle exfoliating cream , because it is suitable for all skin types, because it acts effectively without attacking your skin, and because its light fragrance (jojoba, blueberry, aloe vera, etc.) is just delicious.

Act 3: Tone

To brighten your complexion and purify your skin, spray your face liberally with Damascus Rose floral water. A mist that combines efficiency and freshness, a treat for your skin and your senses!

Act 4: Correct and boost

Dark spots, dry skin, redness: so many imperfections that you can skillfully rectify. Your skin reacts to external aggressions, to ensure better comfort:

Because imperfections are not only the prerogative of young skin, if you want to get rid of them, this is the anti-imperfection emulsion you need: based on burdock, it unclogs the pores and refines your grain. of skin.

If you want to fight against the appearance of brown spots: use the anti-dark spot correcting treatment to unify your complexion and permanently reduce these pigmentations.

Defects corrected and complexion revived: healthy glow effect guaranteed.

Act 5: Treat

Invigorate your skin, reduce fine lines and refine pores, it also protects your skin from fatigue, pollution and stress. For a radiant complexion, consider adapting the textures according to the climate and your skin type:

If it’s hot or you have combination to oily skin: choose fluid and light textures (serums, hydra-matifying fluid or  light anti-aging cream )

When it’s cold or you have dry skin: prefer the regenerating anti-wrinkle cream, suitable for more fragile and thinner areas; or the  eye contour treatment to relieve fatigue in this particularly sensitive area and illuminate your eyes.

Which best cream for face whitening is right for you? The one that gives you good comfort all day long, without making your skin shine. Hydrated, your skin is more comfortable, rebalanced, smoother and firmer. In short, mission accomplished!

Act 6: Unify

What if in a simple gesture, you could combine makeup and skincare? Every morning, apply the anti-aging to harmonize and sublimate your skin. Shea butter and apricot kernel oil to nourish the epidermis, aloe vera for its soothing properties, mineral adapters pigments to illuminate your complexion, rice powder for a velvety appearance… Everything is there!

A few simple steps to integrate into your daily beauty routine. You will quickly notice the difference in your skin quality: a healthy glow …


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