4 Things you must consider before buying disposable vaping pens

4 Things you must consider before buying disposable vaping pens

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Some countries have banned smoking due to release of smoke in the environment. The passive smokers are equally exposed to the same health hazards as active smokers. Thus, vapes were introduced. Vapes come in e-liquid forms. If you are thinking to buy disposable vapes, there are few things to consider.

In this article, we have covered some of the most important points for you to consider when you are thinking of buying new vapes or trying it for the firsttime. If you find this short guide helpful, share with others too. You never know someone may be in search for this information as you.

4 Things you must consider before buying disposable vaping pens:

  1. Number of puffs:

One of the most essential things to look at while buying a disposable vapeis how many puffs does it offer you. Remember, this is a disposable vape so you cannot save the vapeliquid for future use. Also, there is no battery replacement option. A disposable vape lets you puff the same time and dispose it off on use. On an average, and e-juice of 0.5 ml offers you between 50 to 150 puffs. Most vapes come with capacity of 0.5 ml to 1 ml of vape juice.

  1. Precautions:

Every addiction comes with a price to pay and the same rule is applicable to disposable vapes too. The right quality of vapes also comes with negative effects on vapers. You must know your limitations and tips on maintaining good health while using disposable vapes.Some good brands also share a list of precautions in the vape packages. Ensure that you go through the instructions and precautions on using disposable vapes.

  1. Difference:

Understand the difference between disposable and prefilled cartridges. The cartridges prefilled with e-juice also need a battery which is not the case with disposable vapes. Buttons are provided in prefilled vapes to activate device however, in disposable vapes you do not have any batteries or cartridges. All you need to do is remove from the package and start puffing.

  1. Side-effects:

Some good disposable vapes may have minimal side-effects and some may have more. The fact is side-effects are there for sure either in the short or long run with disposable vapes. Find out more about these side-effects and prepare yourself mentally for the same. Once you have set your mind, vapes would seem satisfactory than confusing.

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