A Guide To Critical Mass Strain Seeds Online

A Guide To Critical Mass Strain Seeds Online

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In the cannabis world, critical strains and exploits are quite popular. If you are looking to Buy Critical Mass Strain Seeds Online, then read on as this article covers how you should grow and harvest the female marijuana plant.

How to Grow?

Since Critical Mass is a feminized auto-flower variety, no costly or complicated lighting systems are needed to help in the flowering cycle’s initiation. Since the seeds are feminized, you won’t have to worry about unwanted male specimens. The whole process takes 9-11 weeks to fully mature, so keep these pointers in mind.

  • Seeds for Auto Critical Mass should be germinated in the same way as any other seed will be. Move the sprout to a 10 gallon or larger pot with PH balanced soil once it is about an inch or two long.
  • Do not water the plant too much and too frequently and continue to do so until the plant is 4 inches high. If you are breeding it indoors, make sure the process is done in summers, May end when enough sunlight is there.
  • Be sure to feed the plants with an organic fertilizer at least once a week as they reach the vegetation level. This stage lasts about four weeks, and you’ll need to keep watering, feeding, and trimming excess foliage to allow for proper airflow and light penetration during that period. As the buds are big, they are prone to mould formation so remember to trim frequently.
  • When the strain is mature enough, it can reach the flowering stage independently, without the need for a shift in light exposure hours. Feed your crop until three weeks before harvest, then flush it out with water to remove any residue. Flushing your cannabis plants will allow them to use up any extra nutrients they might have.


Once your plant is ready to harvest, make sure you read these points and keep them in mind so you can fully benefit from the yield.

  • Start by pruning the branches. Trim the sugar leaves from the buds but do not over-trim as they hold a good crystal formation.
  • Hang the buds in a cardboard box and leave them in a cool, dark room to dry.
  • Once dried, remove the stems and put the buds in sterilized jars sealed and kept in a cold, dark place for 30 days. Ensure you check every day for the next 30 days to let out any build-up air from the jars. This will help enhance the flavour and aroma of the plant.

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