A Mother’s Biggest Frog

A Mother’s Biggest Frog

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According to Brian Tracy, ‘your biggest frog is the one task that’s so important to you’.A task if left unattended can cause grave consequences. Once you’ve eaten that frog, you know you can continue your day with peace, knowing that the worst is way behind you. We all have different frogs to eat at certain points in our lives; could be a career frog, a fitness frog, etc. But for mothers it’s different. A mother’s biggest frog is the welfare of her kids. She has to make sure that their safety is her prime focus, and this includes their health. No mother wants to see her babe suffer because of ill health or malnutrition. Every mother wants their child to be healthy and also have good immunity.

Imagine your kid suffering from severe sunburns, or probably down with a bad cough and cold. The discomfort he/she would be feeling alone can just push you close to tears. We all want our kids to be okay and hence, we have to do all it takes to make sure that they are. As a mother, how do you deal with eczema symptoms? How do you cope with acid reflux? How do you ensure your kid’s immune system is healthy? Many mothers have come up with different ways and ideas to ensure the safety of their children’s health. Some mothers resort to healthy eating habits, supplements, orthodox and unorthodox medicine, etc.

One of the ways mothers have adopted to boost the immunity of their children is by incorporating applegummy cider vinegar into their kids’ daily routine. Apple cider vinegar, popularly known as ACV, has been proven to cure a variety of issues. Apple cider vinegar richly contains probiotics, vitamins, essential minerals, and bioactive compounds which may prolong the overall health of your kid. ACV houses a lot of nutrients such as vitamin A,B, and C.  Insufficiency of these minerals and vitamins can lead to impairment in the development of a child. Adding apple cider vinegar to your child’s daily routine can provide these minerals and boost his immunity. Apple cider vinegar plays a maximum role in supporting children’s digestive systems and helps support nutrient absorption. Although taking apple cider vinegar has shown to be repulsive to kids owing to the fact that it has a harsh and unpleasant taste, hence companies have improvised with gummies, yummy flavored gummies. These gummies contain all the benefits of apple cider vinegar and are a healthy alternative to ACV liquids. Kids love these gummies because they are delicious. Apple cider gummies is definitely the best way to enjoy the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Some outstanding health benefits of ACV gummies include:

  • It is known to lower the level of blood sugar
  • It alsodecreases insulin levels, thereby improving metabolism
  • It helps reduce fat storage. It also burns fat

Conclusion: Your kids’ health should be an overall priority, ACV not only treats cough and cold but helps improve energy, may work as a probiotic, may relieve acid reflux, support immunity, relieve eczema symptoms, cure sunburn, treat yeast infections, relieve heart burn, etc.