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Health screening is an important thing that is being carried from the past several decades. People personally go for health screening for themselves and their families. But with ...
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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Depending on the intensity of the accident, the injury can vary. People usually lose their teeth due to periodontal disease, accidents or sports ...
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Spa facial treatments are usually seen as a luxury that’s reserved for special occasions. However, getting a facial can have an impactful part of your regular skincare routine. ...
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Many people are interested in becoming a certified personal fitness trainer. Who would not? As the days go by, the majority of people across the globe are becoming ...
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CBD, like everything else that suddenly shoots up in the trending sections, has a lot of myths surrounding the product itself and the usage concerning it. This is ...
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This generation heavily depends on the internet where all the needs are fulfilled from online stores. People no longer have to personally visit retail stores as orders can ...
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According to the 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey, an estimated 47.7 per cent of Malaysians aged 18 and above have high blood cholesterol, which is also known ...
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Dental Care
If you are visiting a dental clinic for some oral checkup soon, you might feel a little nervous especially if it’s your first time. In this article, we ...
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Most people have no idea what to do with their old cooking oil and end up disposing of it in the wrong manner. Used cooking oil is not ...
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In order to attain approval for new drugs, there must be a process of gathering pharmaceutical stability testing data in order to determine a comprehensive stability profile. The ...
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