Can you have a nurse at home?

Can you have a nurse at home?

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Sickness is a very irritating feeling, especially when you have been prescribed bed rest for a certain time. Being a middle age person, it gets tough to be at home and just lie on the bed, watch movies the whole day, and the food with less or no spices and oil seems to be a medicine itself. If you live alone, such illnesses become your worst nightmare. You are not allowed to move, and you have to carry on with the daily routine too because nobody will come for your help. If you are an elderly person, then the hectic schedule magnifies. This is where a nurse [perawat, which is the term in indonesian] steps in to help you. The nurse cannot help you with the house chores; you will have to do something for that too. But she can always be there when it comes to timely medications, an appointment with the doctor, etc.

When do you need a nurse at home?

The reason for home care nursing varies from patient to patient, but these are some of the scenarios that show the need for home care nurses.

  • Patients who need care after recovery.
  • Elderly patients who cannot visit hospitals.
  • Patients who should be treated at the hospital but need treatments at home.
  • Patients who have been discharged from the hospital after surgery.
  • Disabled patients.

MyNurz provides the best nursing services at our doorstep. The availability of nurses depends upon you. You can either ask them to visit every month, 12 hours service, or 24-hour service. Their personnel is trained, certified, and experienced in the field.

The home care nursing service generally includes:

  • Examination and diagnosis of the patient
  • Proper care of the patient as per the chosen hours of service.
  • Periodic reports to patients

Which nurse can you ask for home care?

  • elderly nurses
  • medical nurses
  • disability nurses
  • ICU nurses
  • assisting nurses for sick people

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