CBD for Pets – What Are the Benefits and Side Effects

CBD for Pets – What Are the Benefits and Side Effects

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 It’s well known that CBD helps humans treat pain, anxiety and stress. But what about pets? Is hemp acting the same like in the human body? Well, apparently yes. Truth be said, the effect of cannabidiol on pets is still poorly researched, but some important studies recently took place that shed light on the real benefits and adverse reactions of it.      

Benefits of CBD to Pets

To begin with, similarly to the human body, CBD oil has a mood improving effect on pets, and specifically by eliminating stress and anxiety. Although, lacking the compound from the cannabis that triggers psych activity, making you feel relaxed and chill, CBD products for dogs has the property of making your pet calm and pretty positive. It helps your pet get rid of pain and other discomfort that makes your home companion with no appetite, sad and nervous. CBD products are highly efficient at providing comfort and increasing the mood of your dogs or cats. Adding to their food some drops of tincture will positively influence on their activity, desire to play and communicate with you and other people around.

 Besides from bringing your pet in a good mood, cannabidiol has also a role in treating and preventing some ailments that can bother your speechless buddy. The consumption of CBD for pets, on a regular basis, can help your pup get rid of pain, given the hemp’s property of inhibiting signals sent through pain channels. Such pain-relieving properties were reported by pet owners whose dogs were diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Also, CBD products can improve the activity of heart and circulatory system, and prevent cancer. In case your dog struggles with an inflammation-based disorder, you can give him some CBD for pets, which will speed up the treatment.      


In addition, hemp oil or tincture helps prevent epilepsy and treat seizures. This comes as a result of hemp’s ability to bring a balance in the activity of the nervous system and work as an anticonvulsant.      


Side Effects     




 Similarly to humans, dogs and cats also can experience some drowsiness after consuming CBD products. Especially, this state of sleepiness appears when the dose is too high.      


Dry mouth: 


Excess dosage leads also to reduced production of saliva. Your pet can experience high thirst.      


Low blood pressure: 


Another well-known side effect of CBD that also applies to dogs and cats is that it lowers blood pressure. The drop is insignificant, but it is enough to create a state of light-headedness and confusion to your pet.