All About Sober Living in Recovery Homes

All About Sober Living in Recovery Homes

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The sober living homes are living environments for people who wish to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The inception of early sober living took place in the 1830s which was initiated and traditionally run by religious groups like the Salvation Army and YMCA. In the course of time “twelfth Step” houses emerged later in Los Angeles in order to assist the widespread alcohol addiction problems after World War II. The Recovery Place or the sober living houses accommodate people who are desirous to maintain abstinence which is not possible without a drug-free environment and treatment. Eventually, the sober living places were equipped with required sober living environments and made safe and supportive towards recovering the addiction of drug and alcohol during the early one month sober.

Completing the rehab program is not always essential for living in a sober place. The people who seek an alternative to formal treatment also can use it as a potential resource for their recovery. Almost all sober living houses provide more than the traditional drugfree and safe living environment. Most sober living houses include sound recovery methodologies along with 12-step programs. The sober living houses are certified by the sober living coalition which recommends a high standard of living with cleanliness, safety, management practices and ethics. The addicts living in sober homes are typically required to take part in 12-step programs and take random drug tests. They are further required to demonstrate that they are strictly following the necessary steps for achieving long-term sobriety.

The sober living homes also have facilities for individualised recovery system and offer the environment which encourages the addicts to follow the unique self-supportive recovery program. Sober living is based on the principles of peer support in the recovery. The emerging newer models of sober living is also encouraged for a quick recovery but for residents who are ready to follow self-supportive methodologies, purchase their own food and pay their rent. If they are not employed, they are further encouraged to actively seek work to support themselves. Eventually, many residents of sober houses get qualified for certain government assistance which is utilised to pay the rent and other fees of the sober homes.

Almost all sober homes permit the residents to stay as long as they wanted provided they follow the rules and regulations strictly and pay the fees of the sober home. The residents of the sober homes are encouraged or mandated to participate in as much number of 12-step meetings as possible like cocaine anonymous, alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous etc.