Common Misperceptions on CBD to Make Use of During Workout

Common Misperceptions on CBD to Make Use of During Workout

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CBD, like everything else that suddenly shoots up in the trending sections, has a lot of myths surrounding the product itself and the usage concerning it. This is mainly due to the fact that CBD has just gradually started being legalized after remaining illegal for centuries and there;s not much research done by experts on it at this point. However, despite the research that has been done people avoid using CBD due to common misperceptions worldwide regarding what it is and its effects. Here are a few commonly perceived myths:

  • CBD has no Scientific Medical Proof:

While its true that scientists haven’t plunged in deep regarding medical advantages of CBD and many medical benefits of CBD products do not have solid evidence backing it up, the case that there is absolutely no reasearch done on it is incorrect. While cannabis is still under the category of ‘Schedule 1’ drug which means that it does not have medical value to it yet, CBD-based medicine such as Epidiolexhas been approved under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority due to its tendency to help with seizures. Consequently, this leads to the fact that CBD might have other medical advantages as well once properly researched on.

  • CBD is Merely a Scam for Marketing Purposes:

Due to the rising trend in CBD products, many brands have started coming up with products such as CBD cosmetics, toothpastes etc. which have little to no value and results in people concluding that CBD has no real benefits and is just a means to make money in today’s competitive marketing industry. However, this is inaccurate since actual CBD products such as capsules and oil do have beneficial properties and can help wth various problems if used in the right manner. Read more here.

  • All CBD Products are a Fraud:

Many CBD products sold in the market do not actually contain the amount of CBD that is written on the labels. This means that if you’re giving yourself into a fraud product, you’re bound to experience no beneficial advantages of CBD itself. For this reason, it is imporant that you carefully examine the one you’re willing to buy and read up on it to ensure you’re getting the right amount of CBD you need or visit here 

  • CBD Products at their Purest Provide the Most Benefits:

While most of us have this concept that the purer a product is the more benefits you’re getting from it, this doesn’t necessarily hold true for CBD products. CBD products are divided into three categories, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. Isolated products are the ones that contain 100% CBD and nothing else, which does have benefits on its own but full and broad-spectrum CBD products that work with cannabinoid as well as complementary elements that work together can also prove to be beneficial and more helpful for your purpose according to what you’re trying to target.

  • CBD is the Cure for Everything:

Yes, CBD does have a number of different benefits you can attain from consuming it but CBD is not your “all-cure miracle worker”. For one, many benefits of CBD while backed up by countless people, still doesnot have scientific proof to defend the advantages. Secondly, CBD works differently for each person depending on their internal systems as well. The dose someone else is taking might not work for you and consequently CBD doesn’t affect every individual and provide similar benefits for each one.

  • CBD is Illegal:

CBD products are slowly starting to fall under the legal category by many states. However, many people still believe that CBD is illegal and the usage of it can put them at risk. To stay on the safe side, its best to use CBD products that have a THC percentage of less than 0.3% (this can differ according to state laws) with full and broad spectrum products or just simply opt for isolated CBD products.

  • CBD is Only for Adults:

Another common myth is that even if you use CBD, only adults can use it for benefits and anyone else must be kept away from it since it can prove to be harmful for them. This proves to stand incorrect as well since CBD can help children with epilepsy, seizures, anxiety, insomnia etc. Another shocking fact is that you can also give it to your pet to help ease their pain and/or stress.

CBD products are ones that you should know you’re making the right decision for before buying them. With Zen Leaf, help yourself get nothing but the best with out pure, organic and certified products for quality that won’t disappoint.


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