Everything You Need To Know About Hurom Cold Press Juicer

Everything You Need To Know About Hurom Cold Press Juicer

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The Hurom cold press juicer is a type of juicer made by Hurom- a company that has been around since the early 1970s and specializes in making cold press juicers only. This juicer uses ‘slow squeeze’ technology to extract juice from the fruits and veggies. This basically means that it squeezes them instead of shredding them like most blenders and juicers.

Squeezing is better because ingredients are not damaged, and the fruits and veggies retain their natural taste and nutritional value.

Reasons people love Hurom cold press juicer

Hurom cold press juicer is not popular for nothing. There are plenty of benefits to choosing this type of juicer. Here are some of the advantages of the Hurom cold press juicer.

  • The natural taste of fruits and vegetables is preserved. You won’t have to add sugars to make your juices taste better.
  • Nutrients aren’t lost when using this type of juicer, unlike when using blenders or centrifugal juicers, in which heat and oxidation kill all the crucial nutrients, especially nutrients that are sensitive to heat, such as Vitamin A, C, and live enzymes.
  • The slow squeeze technology minimizes the chances of oxidation. This means that your juice will last longer in the refrigerator. You can store your juice in the fridge for up to three days.

The slow squeeze technology

All Hurom cold press juicers make use of the ‘Slow Squeeze Technology’. It’s worth mentioning that the term ‘slow’ does not mean that it takes too long to juice the fruits and vegetables. In fact, Hurom cold press juicer can extract 35% more juice compared to the traditional cold press juicers.

Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology is a juicing method that squeezes fresh vegetables and fruits slowly at high pressure. This modern squeezing technique uses a combination of squeezing, filtering, and mixing technology to produce high-quality juice.

The slow squeeze technology filters out the insoluble fiber that is present in the ingredients used, hence removing the bitter compounds. The result is a clear juice that has a rich taste.

How to use Hurom cold press juicer to extract juice

For fruits, ensure that you cut them into sizes that will easily pass through the feeder chute. For fruits such as citrus, you can remove their skins. For vegetables, you should prepare them by cutting them into smaller sizes that can pass through the feeder chute without necessarily pushing them down. For beetroots and carrots, you can cut them to a smaller size.

How to clean the Hurom cold press juicer

For easy cleaning of the juicer, you need to buy a long handled washing brush with firm bristles and clean the juicer immediately after juicing under a running tap. Hurom cold press juicer is easy to assemble and reassemble, making it easy to clean.

Occasionally, you can soak the removable parts in a cleaning solution. This can really help in cleaning some of the juice stains that could have accumulated over time.

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