Exercise Your Way Out of Addiction

Exercise Your Way Out of Addiction

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Okay, kicking addiction isn’t as simple as joining a gym. However, exercise has a lot to offer someone on the path to recovery. When used with a treatment program from one of the country’s top rehab facilities, it can really help you stay on track. Here’s how:

Stress Reduction

Many people turn to addiction to get rid of workplace stress, relax after a long day, and so on. Exercise offers the same benefits. Yoga is famously considered a stress buster, but some people prefer to sweat out their stress with vigorous cardio. If you find that exercise before bedtime makes it hard to sleep, experiment with afternoon workouts instead.

Energy Boost

Put down that coffee pot and pick up your runner’s shoes before work. Exercise burns calories, but it also boosts energy.  How?  Exercise makes your heart pump faster. This floods your body and brain with oxygen. You’ll enjoy increased mental clarity and physical energy for hours after your workout.

A Feeling of Accomplishment

A structured exercise plan gives you continuous reinforcement. Every day may have a small victory built in, encouraging you to come back for another session. For example, beginner weightlifters often have dramatic strength gains for the first few months. Weekly (or sometimes every session) they find that they can bump up the amount that they’re lifting. This frequent reinforcement is fun, satisfying, and can help you turn your favorite form of exercise into a lifelong habit.

A Natural High

Have you ever heard about the ‘runner’s high’? A challenging but not impossibly hard workout session can trigger your body to produce endorphins. These all-natural neurochemicals can act as pain killers and give people who work out feelings of well-being. This, coupled with the accomplishment of completing your workout goals, is a recipe for a seriously enjoyable activity.

Exercise Helps Prevent Relapse

Top rehab facilities like Seasons in Malibu offer people several approaches to beating addiction. These include group and individual therapy, methadone and other medical interventions, and more. Studies suggest that exercise builds on the effects of therapy and reduces the chance of relapse. It’s a valuable tool in your toolbox that can help you get and stay healthy.

Flexible Fun

You don’t have to run a 5k or join some trendy gym to get the benefits of exercise. Even 30 minutes of walking every few days can help. You can go the traditional route with exercises like lifting weights, yoga, and jogging. On the other hand, you can also exercise through fun activities like dancing, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, and walking the dog. The trick here is to find something you enjoy and stick with it as you work toward better health.

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