Five Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Bed

Five Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Bed

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Prevents Behavioral Issues

While it may be adorable and cute to have your dog lying beside you on the bed or sofa, it’s not really a good idea. Your dog may be very sweet and affectionate; however, if you continue in allowing this, you’re going to find that the real reason your bed or sofa has been taken over is that he truly believes it’s for him. It won’t take much longer for him to begin to take over all of the furniture and your bed. Worse, he or she may develop some attitude and begin to growl at you when you try to sit down or crawl into your own bed. After all, it’s his or hers too, isn’t it?

Improves Your Dog’s Health

Your dog loves his or her belly rubs and treats if he or she isn’t taking over your furniture and bed. However, he doesn’t deserve an old makeshift bed of old blankets and deformed pillows. Of course, he or she will appreciate whatever you share with him or her. You’ll be greeted with a doggy smile and waggy tail. However, keep his health in mind and make sure that he has plenty of space and plenty of it, and a comfortable surface for sleeping purposes. Hard and uneven surfaces may lead to poor sleeping and cause your beloved pet to become irritable and lazy. Notice his or her posture and favourite sleeping positions and make sure that he or she has plenty of personal space and comfort in his or her pillows and blankets.

Keeps Him Warm

Staying warm during the winter months is important and that cute pet jacket won’t be enough to keep him or her out of the bitter cold. Your pet requires a warm and comfortable bed in order to endure long cold nights. A warm and comfortable bed will go far to helping him or her stay warm and out of the elements. This can also work to help keep your pet well. Dogs are very vulnerable to colder temperatures and you’ll want to ensure that your pet is fully and properly insulated against the cold elements of winter. Your pet will stay warmer and healthier if there is a nice bed for him or her to rest and sleep in during the colder months of winter. It can also help him or her to feel safe.

Preserves Your Furniture

A lot of dogs turn around a few times and burrow and knead before they settle in for bed. If your dog is doing that on your plush sofa or your favourite bedspread you risk them both being damaged. Regardless of how many times you vacuum your sofa he or she is still going to leave plenty of dander and fur on your furniture. Until he or she realises that he or she has his or her own bed, you risk your furniture being damaged. You can’t blame your pet for trying. It’s nice to be cosy and warm in your bed or on your sofa after all.

Personal Space

Just as we like to have space away from our mischievous kids, noise, and the cat, so does the dog. Your dog needs an area all his or her own where no one else invades it or pesters them. Dogs sleep for at least 10 hours or more each day so this space should be fully accessible for them at all times, now just when you’re going to bed. This is the best way to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe and has everything that they need and require for a good night’s sleep. Having your own personal space makes you a part of the family.

In the End

A dog bed is an important purchase. Keep in mind that a dog bed isn’t a display of your money like a luxury dog collar, it’s a way to make your dog feel at home and that he or she is part of the family. A dog bed is as important as a bed for each of the kids.

Dog beds aren’t just a soft spot for the dog to sleep. They’re an important element that offers your dog a sense of security and privacy. They affect your dog in a positive way. Make sure it’s properly insulated and has the proper bedding.

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