Have the rules of first aid changed in the times of the COVID-19 epidemic?

Have the rules of first aid changed in the times of the COVID-19 epidemic?

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In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, we have slightly different first aid rules. In April 2020, the European Resuscitation Council issued an “overlay” to the guidelines in force since 2015. The guidelines of the European Resuscitation Councils are specific recommendations for the temporary modification of erste hilfe kurs. What changed?

Assisted respiration

  • First, we evaluate the breathing only by observing the chest movements of the injured person. Therefore, we do not open the airways with a forehead-mandibular maneuver, and we do not bring the face close to the mouth and nose of the injured person to listen and feel the proper breathing. We make the assessment visually, within ten seconds we should observe the victim at least two breaths.
  • The second significant change about the current guidelines is the complete and unconditional discontinuation of emergency breathing. We compress the victim’s chest – quickly and strongly – and we do not provide mouth-to-mouth replacement ventilation, even if we have a CPR mask, such as a pocket mask, and we are trained to do so in erste hilfe kurs führerschein.
  • Additionally, we cover the mouth and face of the victim before starting chest compressions. Covering the victim’s face with gauze or a disposable mask will minimize the amount of aerosol released from the victim’s mouth.

Personal protection equipment

We also assume that any stranger is a potential carrier of SARS-COV-2. Therefore, when providing first aid in the age of a pandemic, we use personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, helmets, goggles, etc. After the actions are finished, we disinfect our hands, wash our clothes, and report to the nearest sanitary department by phone. Also, remember to touch only what is necessary, bearing in mind the recommendations received in münchen erste hilfe kurs.

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