Healthy legs in beautiful shoes

Healthy legs in beautiful shoes

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Two extremes that you should not fall into are a completely flat sole and a high heel. Both this and that poses a threat both to the foot itself (deformation of the arch, flat feet, “sticking out of the bone”, displacement of the bones of the foot, microtrauma of the joints and tendons), and to the spine (through the hip joint), which can lead to disturbances in the structures of the central nervous system ( as you know, the spinal cord passes through the vertebrae) and diseases of the internal organs (which is caused by a shift in the center of gravity and redistribution of the load on the organs). The heel of 3-5 cm is optimal, preferably wide enough and stable. Make a visit to achilles tendonitis shoes for the best results and the best choices for the same now.

The results of that Setting

If the leg is full, wide, then thin ropes and straps will squeeze the fabric and certainly will not add grace. Pay attention in such a situation to the wide straps on the shoes, and there should not be many of them. Laconic shoes look on such a leg more stylish and appropriate. Slender legs can be decorated more freely, thin straps, rhinestones, bugles (all this, of course, in reasonable quantities). But at the same time, try to choose those models where decorative elements are located on the material of the shoe and do not touch the foot, especially in those places where injuries in the form of scuffs and calluses most often occur (in the area of ​​the thumb and Achilles tendon).

If in everyday life you adhere to a sports style, as well as when buying shoes for outdoor activities, pay attention to the following points. Shoes should be light enough, otherwise your legs will buzz after 1.5-2 hours of walking “with weights.” The better the support and fixation of the foot, the better. The most dangerous option is shale, in which the leg literally “flinches” and runs the risk of sprains and dislocations. Ideally, shoes with a good tread with lacing or Velcro. The fixation is reliable at three points: in the area of ​​the toes (along the width of the foot), the ankle (along the lift) and above the heel (the Achilles tendon), plus lateral support (along the external arch or external and internal).

Little tricks

Of course, it would be nice to take out the new shoes for a couple of days at home, and then go out for a short time (for example, throw out the trash or go to the nearest store). Then it will be clear whether you can make longer walks in it. If the shoes suggest the absence of socks or stockings, you can use a dry deodorant or a special “silicone” spray – then you will not be threatened with corns.

Always have 2-4 patches with you, even “proven” shoes can fail on a long trip or when the air temperature changes.

Last Words

Gathering in stilettos for a party where a long time is supposed to be “on your feet”, and even in active dance movements, you can (if the size of your purse allows) take along a pair of proven “ballet shoes”. Closer to midnight, when your legs are already unbearably “buzzing” in stilettos, they will extend your fun for another couple of hours! You will immediately feel relief.

Sports shoes are sports shoes. If you bought cute sneakers with flowers under your dress, then you don’t need to come to them for training. Because the sole in the sneakers is not suitable for shock absorption, and practically does not protect the ankle and knees from injuries.

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