How a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help Medications Taste Better

How a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help Medications Taste Better

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Let’s face it—most people don’t find taking medicine to be a pleasurable experience. Whether it be a child or adult who has trouble swallowing pills or if it’s a liquid solution that simply tastes bad, a compounding pharmacy offers solutions.

These pharmacies can take solid pills and compounding them into a liquid medication, and they can also add an array of flavors that make medications taste better for children, adults and even pets.

Greater Ease for Adults and Children with Prescriptions

Both children and adults can be turned off by the taste or form of certain medications, but a compounding pharmacy has the ability to make medicines more palatable without altering their efficacy.

One of the easiest ways to customize such compounds is to add flavor. While kiddos might not like the bitter taste of a liquid solution, they can now have flavors like fruits, berries, chocolate, etc. that they will be more open to consuming.

Adults facing a chronic illness can quickly tire of their current medication’s form or taste and desire a change. A compounding pharmacy can create a flavor profile that suits your needs, and most of the flavors are sugar-free. Some are even dye-free, which makes these options excellent for patients with certain allergies or sensitivities.

Tasty Medications for Animals

Dogs, cats and other pets and farm animals can be even more stubborn than children about taking medications. However, if the medication has a flavor that appeals to the animal, it’s more likely that they will be willing to take it upon command.

For example, cats love fish and dogs love chicken, while horses might enjoy alfalfa flavored meds. A compounding pharmacy can customize a number of flavors that animals enjoy.

Looking for a Reputable Compounding Pharmacy?

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