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Steroids are manmadederivatives of testosterone. Testosterone is male hormone, helps in production of sperms.Testosterone helps in body building and promoting mainly male feature such as deepening of voice, facial hairs and etc.It mainly affects liver, kidney, muscles, hair growth, central nervous system.It also effects self-esteem, aggressiveness.Several types of steroids are available in the market. Some are used by medical practitioners to cure some of illness. Steroids, mostly used by Athletics and film stars to put on skeletal muscles. They are known as anabolic steroids, under this category there are nearly 32steroids listed by commercial sites.  They are also known as anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) used for body building, boost muscles and endurance. It must be taken for particular time period according to prescription.

AAS goes in the blood stream to muscle tissue, interact with androgen receptor and stimulates the DNA which helps in protein synthesis. Increase level of protein results in wear and tear of body resulting in muscle growth.Steroids are also known as cortisone or corticosteroids.  Street names for steroids are Arnolds, gym candy, pumpers, roids, and stackers. The dose for body building is 100 times of prescribed dose. In USA, AAS are not available without prescription and are classified in schedule III class by FDA. Steroids are available in form of tablets, injection or patches. It can take orally or injected in blood stream or applied on skin respectively. People take steroids on regular basis and some of them follow various pattern to avoid itsill effects. Cycling, pyramiding, stacking is the various pattern used by people for AAS.

Cycling: using steroids for certain period of time I.e. for 4 to 6 weeks and then taking rest for around a week or two and again the cycle begins. This pattern is followed to avoid nasty effects mad have proper body.

Pyramiding: in this pattern, person takes the highest dose initially and then decrease it slowly and gradually.

Stacking: person combines another steroids or supplement to get better results and take in a balanced dose, known as stacking.

There are many steroids legal and safe for body building. Dianabol, Anadrol, Anavar,Primobolin, Winstrol, Halotesin, Clenbuterol, Testosterone Max and endless list. This are the bestselling, safe steroids. One can buy steroids online with or without prescription all over the globe and from any corner of the world. Online companies provide with good amount of quality and service. They provide with various scheme and pattern.Body building steroids for sale on various online sites. One must order quickly and have on doorstep with no time and will also save money.

One must know about the company and product before ordering it online, must have all the information about the site too. Before starting on steroids, person must know about its effects, patterns and tolerance. Person taking steroids can completely stop natural production of testosterone. It is mainly used in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, HIV, AIDS,etc. It must be taken in proper dose for prescribed time period. Common side effects of steroids are acne, large breasts grown in male, hair loss, etc.

Designer steroids are produced sometimes for Athletics to pass them dropping test. Their composition is according to the need of Athletic. They often consume steroids on trial and error basis. According to the information, they get from their coach, guru’s, Athletics or gym trainer. They don’t have medical information and can face trouble. AAS are not available locally, it needs to be ordered online or other way round. Person must know about its effects and side effects and then only consume.