Interesting & Outstanding Features of Smok Stick Prince Products Makes It Unique

Interesting & Outstanding Features of Smok Stick Prince Products Makes It Unique

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The Smok stick Prince is the product with a carefully carved battery base. Various components of Smok stick Prince include baby tank, battery, dual coils, etc. 

There are various amazing features of Smok stick Prince Battery which are as follows:

Interesting & Amazing Features of Smok Stick Prince Battery

  • The life indicator of battery is amazing and its working is amazing and outstanding.
  • Its protection duration is of 8 seconds.
  • It provides short-circuit protection.
  • It provides low voltage protection.
  • It also provides low resistance protection.
  • These are available in stainless steel, blue, purple, green, rainbow, red, etc.

Different Colored Products of Smok Stick Prince

  • Black with Red Spray
  • Black with White Spray
  • Rasta Color
  • Black with Green Spray
  • Belgium Color
  • Camouflage
  • Red Camouflage
  • Green 
  • Blue
  • Stainless
  • Gold
  • 7-Color

These products are available in a different capacity (ml), height (mm), diameter (mm) and weight. These products are made up of different materials. 

There are different product elements of Smok Stick Prince which are as follows:

Different Elements of Products of Smok Stick Prince

  • Battery: 

The battery has a large capacity and the stick prince employs the in-built 3000mAh battery which is highly durable and powerful together with its large capacity. The consumer enjoys a long-time vaping with the massive cloud of vapor.

  • LED Indicator: 

It tells the accurate conditions of Smok Stick Prince. LED will flash 4 times each time the user takes the E-cigarette puff, it flashes 15 times when voltage is lower than 3.3 V.

  • Air-flow system: 

The airflow systems are highly adjustable freely by turning the airflow control ring at the base of the tank.

  • Drip Tip: 

The cobra drip tip has a wild outlook with special tactility. It can bring powerful airflow as well as excellent enjoyment and is the new item to perfect the consumer’s tank. These products are also available in different colors like blue, yellow, purple, green, red, 7-color, etc. The luminous cobra drip tip is the new arrival that shines in the dark and provides more fun with vaping. With its excellent tactility, it brings increased airflow.

Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube: 

It is the new arrival having the newly designed Bulb Pyrex tube has a big belly which is effectively enlarged with the high e-juice capacity.

Multiple Protections equipped with Smok Stick Prince

  • Short- circuit protection.
  • 8 seconds cut-off.
  • Low voltage protection.

All these features are denoted by different symbols.

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