Meditation online with Glo Offers Deep Practice in a Modern Package

Meditation online with Glo Offers Deep Practice in a Modern Package

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The ancient practice of meditation offers profound benefits to contemporary seekers. Our modern lives can be demanding of our time and prone to sensory overload. Meditating gives you access to a quiet room where you can focus your intentions, order your thoughts, or simply calm your nerves. Integrating a meditation practice into your self-care routine helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, balance your emotions, and more.

Glo uses an on-demand streaming model to eliminate the barriers between you and a successful, meaningful meditation practice. Meditation online means access to instruction and guided classes from anywhere, at any time, and in any style that suits your needs.

A quiet place in a noisy world

Meditation online with Glo is designed for real life. Our busy days sometimes ask to set aside self-care until it’s more convenient, a mythical moment that doesn’t arrive often enough. Glo invites you to take a moment and embrace self-compassion, letting you approach your life with awareness, joy, and the energy to connect fully with your desires and the people around you.

We know that, in order to be successful, people need a way to develop their practice that doesn’t take away from other areas of their lives. That’s why Glo’s full selection of classes is available 24/7 and accessible anywhere via computer or mobile device. Wherever you are in the world or your own interior universe, Glo can help you center, focus, and relax.

Using tech to unplug

Rather than adding one more layer to the chatter of modern life, Glo helps you turn down the volume. We offer audio and video meditation classes that can all be accessed from a mobile device. You can meditate anywhere in your everyday life, taking a moment to breathe at home or in the office. You can also download our classes for offline use in nature or during your commute. Glo has all the tools for you to build a meditation practice that suits your needs and your schedule.

Your practice on your terms

Glo is committed to helping you establish a beneficial routine that will reward your life long-term. Our classes are focussed and intentional, enabling you to build a program that matches your goals. Select from over 500 individual classes that will take you from starting your day off in a calm and centered place to relaxing into a restful sleep at night.

Glo features a wide variety of professional instructors dedicated to sharing their expertise with you on a platform that works with your schedule. You can explore different methods of meditation with online classes on working with mantras, breath, visualization, and more. Glo has classes at multiple levels so you can develop a practice in line with your experience and progress at your own pace.

Getting started with Glo

A more mindful life begins with meditation and online classes makes it easy for you to take the first step. Glo offers a 15-day free trial so you can see how this powerful tool can elevate your wellbeing. Our unlimited program means you can begin with as much or as little content as you want. Glo has classes as brief as five minutes, so there’s always a gentle way to get started or take a quick breather whenever you need it.

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