Michael Everest Donates For Pathology Research Training

Michael Everest Donates For Pathology Research Training

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Dr. Michael Everest, chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation donated $500,000 to the University of California Davis School of Medicine Foundation. The donation is earmarked to support the pathology training of Asian  Indian and international medical graduates. 

According to Everest, although foreign medical schools can offer good medical science foundations to graduates, most residents are not often exposed to international caliber experience in pathology. The fund aims to help solve that problem by providing support for students seeking international training and experience. The donation covers stipends for international medical student graduates, allowing them to get the needed training while taking advantage of other opportunities to gain experience during their stay in the program. 

Dr. Everest, who is Indian-American, is aware that U.C.-Davis has a large Indian American student population. The Indian American community in the area is also growing. Aside from catering to international medical students, Dr. Everest hopes that his bequest can contribute to the development of cutting edge research that the university is known for. 

Dr. Michael Everest also served as the Chairman and CEO of HN Biotech since 2009. Under his leadership, HN Biotech was granted 10 patents covering proteins and biomarkers. He also has strong ties to the University of Southern California through Dr. Uttam Sinha, a researcher in otolaryngology. Dr. Everest was supporting one of the graduate students in his laboratory. Their encounter led to his support of USC and of the Department of Medicine in particular. He founded the Edwin Everest Foundation to support charitable activities.

About The Edwin Everest Foundation 

The Edwin Everest Foundation is named after Dr. A. Michael Everest’s father, Dr. Edwin Everest. The senior Everest also believed in the power of supporting medical education and how education is the tool to shape future innovators and leaders. Graduate education, in particular, plays a crucial role. The foundation aims to help support the skills and experiences of these international medical residents so they can become integral members and leaders of the medical and research community. 

An initial $1 million gift was donated to the start of the Everest Foundation Fund at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, which is one of the biggest foundation beneficiaries. This helped support postdoctoral trainees in the Department of Medicine, especially international graduates entering research and diagnostic careers. To date, a number of post-doctoral research trainees from the Keck School of Medicine have been assisted by the foundation.  

The Everest Foundation is based in LA  and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of graduate medical education. The foundation partners exclusively with medical schools, university programs, research programs and other foundations in providing quality residency training programs and experiences with international medical residents. By providing access to quality residency training to doctors supported by the foundation, they aim to help develop not only training skills and expertise but also help improve the teaching programs and the faculty that work in them.


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