Myths and Facts Everyone Should Know about Retinol

Myths and Facts Everyone Should Know about Retinol

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Every anti-aging product comes mixed with retinol. It is a part of the retinoid family aka vitamin A and needs no kind of prescription. There are many prescription options available for more strength, if needed. We have listed some of the myths and facts about retinol that everyone should know about.

  1. Retinol can be used on a daily basis: FACT

As retinol is deemed a powerful antioxidant, it needs to be used on a daily basis, according to Clinique Anti Aging. Always begin with a lighter dose of 0.05 percent and then you can increase it once your skin adjusts. When you begin with a stronger dose, it may cause an aggressive reaction for the newbies. As retinol helps in skin exfoliation and produces new collagen, the new outcome may overwhelm you. So, always use 0.05 percent on a daily basis to make the most of the benefits.

  1. Using vitamin C with retinol has a lot of benefits: MYTH

Experts say that using vitamin C and retinol is not a good idea. Theoretically, it is favorable because both the elements contain powerful antioxidants and a specific pH value that lets the ingredients to work well on the skin. L ascorbic acid of vitamin C has 3.5 pH value and retinol has 5. But that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits of both the ingredients. You can use them on alternate days on one in the morning and another at night without skin irritation. You can use vitamin C in the morning and retinol in the nighttime.

  1. Retinol doesn’t suit everybody: MYTH

Know that there is no product that is one size fits all in properties. In many cases, retinol is suitable for those who want to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines, but in many cases, the product may not be strong enough to address other topical skin issues. Always consult an expert for looking after your skin needs and seek the best product that works the best for your skin type. Always remember that retinol is also UV sensitive and it will ruin unless it is encapsulated. Keep in mind to always put on sunscreen when using retinol to shield your skin and preserve it dark and cool place to retain the properties.

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