Teen Substance Abuse and Treatment Options in Houston Texas

Teen Substance Abuse and Treatment Options in Houston Texas

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Having a teen isn’t easy. Addiction is a common side effect of energy boosting and relaxation medications. Even while not every drug-using adolescent becomes addicted, the number of those who do is alarmingly high. Seeing other teens having fun and wanting to feel a sense of belonging might lead to teens succumbing to peer pressure. Many kids describe the joyful feeling they get from doing drugs. When it comes to addiction, on the other hand, it’s a challenge. Call Taylor Recovery Centerto discover more about teen drug rehab clinics in Houston and get your kid on the road to recovery.

Adolescent and Teenage Substance Abuse

Addiction is seldom considered in relation to drug usage in adolescents and young adults. Despite the prevalence of alcohol and marijuana use among “rebellious” teens, these substances are not without danger. Either one might be a gateway drug to other addictive substances or be addicted in and of itself. Adults may also become dependent on and addicted to drugs and alcohol if they misuse them.

NSDUH estimates in 2020 that:

  • A total of 169,000 individuals between ages of 12 and 17 received treatment for drug misuse.
  • More than 5,700 adolescents in this age group used illegal drugs in 2016. There is an epidemic of prescription medication usage that affects young adults as well.

Signs That Your Teenager Is in Need of Help.

Even while it’s not uncommon to encounter youngsters under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, your child’s drug use should not be ignored. Your kid may be addicted to these drugs, and the more they go without therapy, the worse the consequences will be. As a parent, what you are supposed to do is to learn about the warning signs of adolescent drug abuse and to take action as soon as possible if required.

Therapy or admission to a rehab facility may be necessary if your child:

  • Begins spending more time with negative elements
  • Become irrational or chaotic in behavior
  • Has substances or drug paraphernalia in their apartment or backpack or car
  • Smells like drugs or has traces of them
  • Is experiencing withdrawal from family and friends
  • Neglects their appearance and appears unhealthy
  • Has unusual sleeping patterns or a dramatic shift in their energy level
  • Starts lying frequently, or appears to be preserving a lot of secrets

Adolescent rehabilitation or other treatment programs may be necessary if your youngster exhibits some of the signs. The developing brain of an adolescent may be seriously harmed by substance abuse, and early drug use raises the risk of developing a substance use disorder later in life.

It’s Time for Teens to Go to Rehab That Works for Them.

Your teen’s addiction to drugs should be treated as soon as possible. Outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for adolescent drug abuse are available at Taylor Recovery Center in Houston. Our mental health professionals will guide teens through group and individual therapy sessions while our medical staff provides support for detoxification and rehabilitation. Call Taylor Recovery today and get help with your addiction.