The reasons that lead you to buy CBD suppositories

The reasons that lead you to buy CBD suppositories

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Commonly, cannabis suppositories are available in a conical shape which has been designed in a way so that a person can insert them into his rectum. A most commonly found rectal cannabis suppository weighs 2 grams and it is nearly 2.5 cm in length. These suppositories are formed from the cocoa butter plus a small amount of coconut oil or shea butter which is mixed with the extract of the cannabis which comprises CBD or THC extract. Among various ways of consuming cannabis, making use of a suppository is perhaps the least well-method process of ingestion.

However, cannabis suppositories are excessively helpful processes of delivery no matter you insert them vaginally or anally. People buy CBD suppositories for all purposes and intentions. However, the suppositories meant for inserting into the vagina happens to be different from the suppositories that are intended for inserting into the rectum. The rectal suppositories aren’t necessarily well-matched with the specific and sensitive part of the vagina and this is the reason; a vaginal cannabis suppository commonly contains its individual specific carrier. Again, for inserting them, you must follow some set of instructions carefully.

The process of using CBD suppositories

When you intend to use CBD suppositories rectally, you must follow the following steps:

  • Wash your hand properly with soap and water.
  • When the suppository is soft, you should keep it in the refrigerator for making it hard.
  • Lubricate the tip of the suppository with the help of a water-soluble lubricant, like KY jelly and it is different from a petroleum-based jelly, like Vaseline.
  • After this process, you must lie on one side and your lower leg should be straightened out. Your upper leg should be bent forward reaching your stomach. You must also lift your upper buttock so that your rectal area becomes exposed.
  • Insert the suppository and it ought to be pointed end first.
  • Hold your buttocks together for some seconds and continue to remain to lie down for nearly five minutes and this will help in avoiding slipping of the suppository from your rectum.
  • You must always discard the used materials plus wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.

People who get benefitted from CBD suppositories

Many people get highly benefitted from the use of cannabis suppositories and so, they buy CBD suppositories. A person who finds difficulties in swallowing pills can get benefitted from suppositories. In fact, suppositories are hugely beneficial for a person who had a stroke or suffering from diseases, like ALS, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.

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