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Facial Laser Treatment Toronto has increasingly become a popular choice in skin aesthetics over the last couple of decades. The continuous innovation has given this treatment the ability to target various layers of skin and target varying things like hair follicles, to the collagen in the dermis and the superficial layers of the epidermal. The wide range of laser treatments which are offered treat areas of concern on the face, neck and as well as the body. The CO2 laser treatment is a more aggressive laser treatment especially for addressing problems like severe acne scarring, deep wrinkles and stubborn hyperpigmentation.

What is the CO2 laser?

An ablative procedure of CO2 laser also known as the Carbon Dioxide laser in which the trauma is induced strategically to resurface the skin. The doctor determines how much CO2 laser energy is to be delivered depending upon the patient. It also specifies the depth of the penetration of the laser. Anaesthesia is administered to the patient for comfort. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the full face and neck.

What is the after-care like?

After having undergone the treatment, you might experience pain which is likely to prolong sunburn. You would be provided aftercare instructions, which you need to follow to the T. Immediately after the procedure your facial skin would turn red and become swollen. Ice packs could be applied for comfort and to reduce the swelling. In the days to come, the treated skin would start to crust and stripes would appear. The areas which have not been affected by the CO2 laser will act like healing centres which will start to produce new skin cells.

How long is the healing period?            

The length of the healing period varies from individual to individual. But generally speaking, the skin which was therapeutically damaged which was targeted by the laser treatment will begin to flake off within the first week itself. This is why you would be recommended to take at least a week off from work and activities and stay at home. It is crucial that you avoid stepping out in the sun before and after the laser procedure which will help you obtain the best results. Soon after the procedure is done you will be able to see its benefits. It can be seen well into 6 months after the procedure as the new collagen is stimulated.

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