Brief Description of Colchicine

Brief Description of Colchicine

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It was first approved by the FDA in 1961, Colchicine ia an alkaloid drug commonly used in the management of gout, a condition associated with the painful deposition of urate crystals in the joints. It is derived from a plant belonging to the lily family, known as Colchicum autumnale, or autumn crocus. Other than its use in gout, Colchicine has been approved for managing exacerbations of familial Mediterranean fever who under 4 years old, a hereditary auto inflammatory condition. It reduces the pain resulting from gout and reduces flares of familial fever by interfering with inflammatory pathways. This drug has a narrow therapeutic index. You buy Colchicine Online.

Mechanism of action:

The exact mechanism of action of this has not been fully established, however likely occurs via the downstream inhibition of inflammation caused by Tubulin disruption. Studies have implied that it causes disruption of the inflammasome complex that is present in both monocytes and neutrophils, which normally leads to the activation of interleukin-1, an important mediator of inflammation. In addition to the above actions, it acts to interfere with pathways including Neutrophil adhesion and recruitment, superoxide production, The Rho Effector kinase pathway, as well as a type of nuclear factor pathway, reducing inflammation. On a molecular level, it can be described as an anti mitotic drug, blocking the mitotic activity of cells in the metaphase part of cell cycle. Specifically, it binds to tubulin forming complexes that bind to microtubules. This stops their elongation. At low concentrations, It stops microtubule growth and at elevated concentrations it causes the de polymerization of microtubules. Colchicine price is very reasonable, anyone can purchase it.

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