Dr. Max Hutton at Metro Vein Centers — Five Tips For Preventing Varicose Veins

Dr. Max Hutton at Metro Vein Centers — Five Tips For Preventing Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins can be painful and uncomfortable. Many doctors know the best way to avoid them is via prevention. Modern medicine has come to understand how to treat them. At our vein center, we’ve also come to understand how best to prevent them from happening in the first place. If you want to have legs that seem to go forever and remain in perfect condition, you’ll want to pay close attention to these simple tips. They work for any body and will ensure you get results. Enough exercise, the proper diet, avoiding heels, elevating your legs and avoiding long periods of time standing can really pay off.

It Begins With Exercise

Exercise is crucial. At Metro Vein Centers, our expert staf          fers encourage all of our clients to get the exercise they need in order to avoid problems with veins. We know that enough exercise each day and each week is ideal. All those who want to avoid these problems can begin by taking the time to move about. All it takes is just ten or twenty minutes to get the blood flowing through the legs. This makes it possible to avoid unwanted varicose veins and helps decrease growth with existing veins.

Keep to a Good Weight

Another area that deserves a lot of attention is the person’s weight. It’s a good idea to avoid gaining weight. Doing so can stress the veins and create problems with blood flow. Each person should know what their target weight is and how to maintain it. Avoiding long-term weight gain helps people feel confident and comfortable as they move about. Each person should also know when they’ve gained just a few too many pounds over time. Developing a plan to head off further weight gain and reduce pounds and reduce the possibility of developing varicose veins.

Good Footwear

The feet need special attention in order to function well. At Metro Vein Centers, we advise our patients to stick to footwear that offers adequate support. Shoes that have a good sole with lots of support and connection to the rest of the body of the foot are excellent. High heels may look good but they can create many problems over time. This is why we tell our clients to avoid high heels if possible. Keeping them to only special occasions is a wise course of action. This way, the feet have enough time to recover and avoid developing vein problems.

Elevating the Legs

All people should pay close attention to their legs. This means keeping them in fine shape both during the day and at night. Elevating the legs at night is one strategy that has been proven to work over time. Elevating the legs enables blood to flow properly from the heart to the extremities without impediment. A single pillow at the foot of the bed at night can really make a difference to the legs during the rest of the day. It helps ensure that the veins do not become painfully entangled.

Too Much Standing or Sitting

Standing and sitting are a necessity. It’s good for the circulation. However, over time, both postures can also cause problems. Catching a late bus and standing for a short time home is fine. Sitting at work for an hour or two is also fine for each person. Having to stand for nine or ten hours at a stretch or do the same sitting is not good. People who face this need should look for ways to change their posture. Sitting down for at least five minutes if possible will help the body change body flow properly.

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