Types Of Nail Infections, Their Symptoms, And Prevention

Types Of Nail Infections, Their Symptoms, And Prevention

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Many people think that a toenail infection is not a serious problem. But it is important that you should take this problem seriously and get it treated properly. If someone is suffering from diabetes, should not take a risk with this. This article is all about the type of infections, common signs and symptoms, and their treatment.


Onychomycosis is regarded as one of the common nail infection. The cause of this infection is a group of fungus. it is important that you are familiar with its symptoms which basically start when your nail plate gets thicken and it’s trimming becomes difficult.


This is also a toenail infection and it is caused by bacteria. This is different from the above infection because it is seen on the skin around the nails and not in the nails. This kind of infection is easier to treat. You can use any antibiotic or antiseptic ointment to treat the infected area. If you are looking for an effective solution you can order zeta clear.

The symptoms of this type of infection are redness, swelling, and pain in that area. The top up on the side of the toe becomes sensitive because of excess pressure. You are recommended to wear open toe shoe for instant recovery.


Preventing the infection is much easier than treating it. If you do regular cut your nail and use zetaclear solution or any other antifungal ointment and keep your feet clean and dry, nail infection can be prevented.