Why Your Toenails Got Yellow

Why Your Toenails Got Yellow

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Toenails are more susceptible to changes than fingernails. We are wearing different shoes, which can be too tight, stiff or the material of the footwear is inadequate. These characteristics could affect your feet by creating conditions for fungi growth.

Fungi like dark and damp places, and if your feet are easily sweating, and you spend many hours during the day in the close footwear, it is possible that you develop a fungal infection. Fungi and some bacteria are normally present on the skin. If there are conditions for fungi to grow, then infection starts.

What are the signs and how the infection looks like

Signs of fungal infection are quite clear. Fungi can affect just a part of the nail, the entire nail or a few nails. First, you will notice yellow streaks on the nail, and they can also be white. At the bottom of the nail, it can appear yellow spots and on the nail surface, there can be white flaking areas. You can notice an odor coming from your feet, and with some of these signs, it is most likely that is a fungus.

Yellow nails are a sign of fungal infection

As for the texture of the nail, the nail can become thin and the tip of it can start to crumble. The nail can change its shape and become distorted or it can lift off from its base. In the worst scenario, the nail can fall off.

How fungal nail infection is treated

People usually try to treat fungal nail infection with topical antifungal medications. If the fungal infection is not severe, the treatment will most likely work. These treatments can last for months as fungi are very stubborn. Sometimes, your doctor will prescribe oral medications to treat it. The bad news is that in some cases, the fungal infection will return after some time.

As this is a problem which many complaints about, medicine industry have developed laser treatments for fungal infection. This great treatment you can check at https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/laser-for-fungal-nails/ and think about if that can be your solution for fungal nail infection. Why is this treatment so great? Because there are no side effects, and you don’t need to take oral medications.

Laser will kill fungi that cause infection

During the procedure, the pathogens that cause infection are targeted, and the nail is untouched. That allows the nail to normally grow, and to healthy and clear. The treatment is painless and safe. It is done by the professionals such as podiatrist Sydney CBD from ModPod Podiatry. Podiatrists are specialist for this problem, as they are dealing with conditions related to lower limbs and feet.

Laser treatment is very effective, and the number of treatments depends on the severity of the fungal infection. If the infection is not so strong, one treatment will be enough. But sometimes there is necessary for two or three.


Fungi can cause quite a damage to your toenails, and it can spread easily. So, don’t waste your time, and visit your podiatrist.



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