How To Organize For Potential COVID-19 Home Quarantine?

How To Organize For Potential COVID-19 Home Quarantine?

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As the COVID-19 outbreak persists to evolve, it is necessary to prepare for potential mandatory home quarantine or isolation. According to CDC, both quarantine and isolation differ. The former is for people who are exposed to coronavirus and possibly fall sick, even if they look healthy now. The latter is for those who are already diagnosed positive for COVID-19 and are at risk of infecting anyone who comes in contact with [family & visitors].

There is a huge group that voluntarily self-quarantined themselves without any reason but to stay home safe and mitigate the risk. As there is a limited test available, self-quarantine is the best option to help prevent spreading and catching the virus.

So what to do, if you plan to partially or completely eliminate going in public? It is normal to expect the worse, but no need to stockpile household supplies.

Buy food & supplies 

First, you need to Buy Protective Respiratory Masks from reputable online sources like Place an order, now!

When you go shopping wear masks and respect the six-foot distance rule. Hand sanitizing, plexiglass, and masks are recommended to be effective for your and community protection. Wearing gloves and masks does not lower your risk to get contracted to COVID-19 but makes people conscious when they touch things. It even makes nearby public about the significance of taking precautions.

When you go shopping buy canned items and frozen food, which lasts for a couple of months. Even have lots of fluid supplies and bottled water to last for 3 to 4 weeks. Hoarding food and supplies as if the world is going to end seems scary. You need to ensure that you will not run out of food and supplies, if you feel sick and stay home self-quarantined or need to undergo mandatory community quarantine.

Buy disinfectants and soap

Health experts all across the world have agreed that it is necessary to wash hands frequently to avoid COVID-19 infection. Therefore have a monthly supply of disinfecting wipes and ethanol-based hand sanitizers or cleaning products. You will even need to adhere to preventative steps like –

  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching your mouth, eyes, and nose.
  • Cover mouth while sneezing and coughing. Dispose of tissue in the trash bin.
  • Wipe or disinfect high-touch surfaces frequently like doorknobs, keys, etc.

Good hand hygiene is not the only preventive step to avoid coronavirus but consistent practice is necessary for personal, communal, and world health.

Buy medications

Mild symptoms of coronavirus can be reduced with OTC medicines like decongestants, fever reducers, and pain relievers. Keep these replenished instead of waiting for the last minute. People already using prescribed medication need to stock their supply for more than a month, because of supply chain interruptions.

Stay updated about COVID-19

COVID-19 updates and evolving news must be followed to help you stay informed. However, make sure to follow coronavirus updates from reliable and official sources like CDC, WHO, Health Department, etc. to avoid getting panicked. Many myths are surrounding the world, so get to know the facts from trusted sources.