Michael Everest Inaugurated Everest Foundation Fund Intending To Touch People’s Lives

Michael Everest Inaugurated Everest Foundation Fund Intending To Touch People’s Lives

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Dr. Michael Everest has had an incredible role in society. Besides helping patients, Michael Everest is at the front line assisting Keck School with different projects. The primary objective is to make sure that the students have enough resources for their research.

Over the years, Everest’s family heads the Residential Medical group as well as the Edwin verse Foundation. The family aims at improving medical institutions by finding different projects. Besides, they help medical graduates make their dreams a reality.

Edwin is the founder of this family foundation. According to Michael Everest, his father believed in empowering medical students and education at large. The medical sector requires massive investments since it deals with saving lives. Before passing away, Edwin shared many conversations on the benefits of supporting medical institutions with his son. Since then, Everest feels obliged to accomplish his father’s dream and maintain the family legacy.

In 2008, Everest took the mandate to help medical students through the Edwin Everest foundation projects. He believes that by empowering education, future generations will be safe. When medical students receive the right equipment and inspiration, they will help others.

Everest’s family believes that medical students need should be at the forefront of any country’s focus. They advocate for high-quality education, helping students become innovators and create solutions. In times as these of a pandemic, the medical students are at the front line looking for a viable solution. Medical students focus on general health; therefore, they play a significant role in society.

Recently Michael Everest Arrival involved gifting $1 million to Keck School of medicine of USC. This fund will help the school to fund the medical research program for the volunteer postdoctoral medical students. With this money, the school will accommodate more students on diagnostic and research careers.

Michael Everest works closely with his wife, Agata Everest, a prominent businesswoman on funding Keck School. She is the CEO of Agata Everest Residents medical. This company also involves shaping the medical student’s lives. The $1 million gifts are a 10-year commitment.

The first share of $162,500 has already supported the neck postdoctoral research at Keck School. Trained in the Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology-head departments have all the resources to aid their research.

The $1 million commitment will create a new path for Keck School and its affiliates. The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is one of the fellows who will benefit from this project. Also, graduates will create a positive impact in the medical sector.

Everest Foundation has headquarters in Los Angeles, and they are helping medical students from different universities. The foundation dispatches money through Agata Everest City National Bank funding additional research and educational programs. According to Edward Crandall, besides helping the medical trainees, Everest Foundation also administers the USC faculty members.  So far, the foundation supports thousands of projects, creating a legacy in the philanthropic and medical sector.

Everest Foundation launching helps fund medical schools such as the Keck School of Medicine and its affiliates. Members of this foundation believe that by supporting the success of new doctors, they are transforming the world. The foundation has been under Everest’s family linage for a long time. Dr. Michael Everest, took over after his there passed away and is doing a great job empowering medical graduates.

One of the ways Residents Medical has supported medical students graduating is by offering further training. This training is coming from the past 20 years of experience in helping graduates. These programs offering further tracking, education, and employment opportunities.


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