Love trying new flavors? Know how to find the best one

Love trying new flavors? Know how to find the best one

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Are you tired of blowing out the same old humongous clouds and look for something denser? Well, the vapor block is a real thing, but it can be solved as well. If you want your vapors to look cloud-like, you can always proceed with it. But, wanting cloud-like flavors and vapors isn’t something easily attainable because you need years of practice.

While most people are into cloud-like vapors, some of them don’t care. What matters is the flavor. Well, there are several flavors available at, and you can choose any one that suits you the best. Well, it is all about how you plan on maximizing the flavor of your vape.

If you want the best of your vape or e-cigarette, you must choose one accordingly as well. Some of the most prominent tips you should be following include.

  • Know the temperature and wattage settings

You must know the wattage and temperature settings for better results. Adjusting the settings can play an important role in making out the best of flavors. Different juices require different temperature settings, so you need to proceed accordingly. If you want maximum flavor, you need to bring changes in terms of variable wattage devices.

Experts suggest that you should start from the lowest setting and then proceed to the higher ones. Well, experimenting a bit can be of great help. Well, it is essential to keep a check on the temperature settings because the high-temperature setting can lead to the coil being burnt.

  • Lower the airflow

Reducing the airflow can play an important role in enhancing the flavor. If you want cloud-like vapor, you need to keep a check with the airflow. If there’s a lot of air, it can eventually lead to less dense clouds. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a balance between the two because the vapor eventually becomes too hot.

  • Be careful while choosing the coil.

Experts suggest that choosing the coil has an important role in flavor determination. Flavour is all about personal preferences, so you need to proceed accordingly. The top-coil clearomizers are not that popular. But, the bottom-coil coils from certain brands have shown major improvements. Apart from that, you also need to keep a check with the sub-ohm tanks.

The atomized head is one of the most important things to consider for vape. Experts recommend choosing sub-ohm tanks with smaller bore coils for better results.