Learn about the Most Popular Fitness Myths 

Learn about the Most Popular Fitness Myths 

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Fitness is something that people are getting more serious about as days are passing by and using best diet pills, you can achieve good fitness goals and you can check health-info.org for it. People are not joining gyms, and with such a stressful work schedule and life, exercise helps in the secretion of good hormones. There are many information and articles that you would read. And with articles and Google, it is still a mystery how so many myths are still alive. Also, sometimes having this could be due to confusion as well. And here are some of the fitness body-building myths that you need to debunk as soon as possible. 

High-Protein Diet Bad for Kidney and Bone: 

Many myths say that having a high-protein diet would be bad for the kidney. But in reality, a person requires 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of their body weight. So if a bodybuilder has 303 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight, it would not cause them any harm. 

Having the right nutritional meal is essential, as well. Also, there is another myth that too much protein could make the bones brittle and weak. But this is not true as studies have shown that if a woman has a high-protein diet, it would help in increasing the density of the lumbar-bone. 

Muscle Soreness is Due to Build-up of Lactic Acid: 

Lactic acid has nothing when it comes to the sore feeling that you sometimes get in your muscles. It could be due to some exercise where you had to do some eccentric loading or doing something that taxed your muscles. 

But the truth behind the soreness would be that it comes from the micro-tears in the muscle fibres. Lactase is a fuel source that is used by your muscles, kidney, and also your heart and your brain as well. With body-building, you must take care of your nutrition so that your energy level is maintained. 

Caffeine could lead to Dehydration: 

When comparing caffeine and exercise, you would see that caffeine plays a significant role in improving exercise performance. Studies do not support the theory that caffeine is a diuretic. 

Also, a few other myths would be that having protein within a few hours after exercise is essential. Also, those women who do heavy lifting get bulky and big. These are some of the myths that should not be listened to when you are thinking about maintaining your health with regular exercise.