Reduce Cigarette Smoking By Establishing An Effective Anti-Smoking Laws

Reduce Cigarette Smoking By Establishing An Effective Anti-Smoking Laws

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Smoking-related diseases can be increased tremendously due to the lack of anti-smoking laws. More and more people get addicted to cigarette smoking, which will cause dreadful diseases in a few years. The government has to take necessary actions for reducing the death rate of the people. Instead of creating awareness via the movies and advertisements, some of the effective ways have to be established. The rate of tobacco consumption has been increased than compared with the previous year.

The government of India needs to issue a nicotine transdermal patch for creating awareness about smoking-related diseases to quit smoking. This is the most effective medical product that helps the people to reduce nicotine withdrawal problems. Let see how anti-smoking laws helpful in reduce smokers in India.

Pass Effective Anti-Smoking Laws 

The anti-smoking laws in India need to be altered for reducing the smokers’ rate. Nowadays, people do not have any knowledge and awareness regarding the laws and regulations available in society against tobacco consumption. More and more middle schools and youngsters have been addicted to cigarette smoking and it will affect their health severely. Therefore, immediate action has to take for protecting the small and young aged group peoples from smoking-related diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

Create Awareness Among The Public 

Cigarette smoking is harmful and it provides different varieties of diseases to smokers. Apart from cigarette smoking, more numbers of peoples get started to use e-cigarettes and some other vaping devices. Such kinds of products have been highly used by youngsters, which are established for reducing the smokers’ level.

According to the report, those kinds of products can also cause numerous amounts of health disorders as like tobacco. These are all mainly happened due to the insufficient anti-smoking laws and regulations in India. The government of India has to publish serious actions for creating awareness and knowledge among the public concerning tobacco smoking.

Laws Against Tobacco Consumption And Alcohol

the laws passed against tobacco smoking and alcohol should have the capability to create more conscious in front of society. The fines and punishment need to be changed in accordance with the current situation. The small fine amount can be easily paid by the smokers as well as by the suppliers, so it must be improved greatly.

The age limit offered for the people has to be altered from 18 to 21 for reducing the rate of smokers available in society. Additionally, the government needs to provide more awareness with respect to emphasise on a nicotine patch to quit smoking.

 Reduce Smoking Impacts 

The smoking impacts can greatly affect numerous amounts of people in society especially youngsters. After the establishment of vaping devices, more and more young people get addicted to it. To overcome this situation, the nicotine transdermal patch has to be provided for the public who is willing to quit smoking.

The anti-smoking laws passed by the government need to create a strong awareness and conscious of smoking-related diseases circulated in society. People also give close attention to the impacts of tobacco smoking for preserving this precious life from serious diseases.

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