No Riddle for the Weight Loss: Here are the Options

No Riddle for the Weight Loss: Here are the Options

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To combat the current obesity epidemic in the country, several initiatives are emerging to create environments that promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles. The recent proposal of the Weight Coalition to use municipal zoning to limit the establishment of fast-food restaurants near schools raises a debate to which we would like to provide certain details.

  • It is disturbing to take note of the statements of economist Nathaly Elgrably who finds the promotion of healthy lifestyles ridiculous at the very moment when the Premier of the country, in his inaugural speech, is eliminating junk food in schools.

One of its priorities

  • Contrary to Ms. Elgrably’s allegations, we believe that obesity is a serious societal problem which generates significant socio-economic costs, both for public finances, for the national economy and for individuals. And that, not to mention the fact that obesity also carries a psychosocial burden consisting of discrimination, social prejudice, isolation, unemployment and social rejection.

In the country, a study published by the GPI Atlantic group, entitled The cost of obesity in the country, estimated that the direct costs related to obesity had monopolized 5.8% of the budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Services for the sole year 2000, or more than $ 500 million. Another study published in 2004 in the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology estimated that the direct and indirect costs of obesity represented a drain of more than $ 4.3 billion in the Canadian economy, only for the year 2001. We know that since then the situation has only worsened. The use of lorcaserin intermediate manufacturer factory is important in such weight loss issues.

The Right Proportion

The proportion of overweight the countrymen reaches 57%. More than half of the population. If the trend continues, Canada and the country will soon join the United States in terms of obesity since the combined rate of overweight and obesity among young Canadians (26%) is practically identical to that of young Americans (27%). We are clearly facing an epidemic of obesity with causes beyond individual responsibility.

The causes or environments that are at the source of weight-related problems are numerous and often strongly rooted in our lifestyles, in our culture, and even in our economy. There are multiple means of action because we must act in the three strategic sectors of agrifood, socio-cultural and the built environment. In this sense, modifying the zoning to limit the establishment of fast food restaurants near schools is an example of public policies to be promoted. You can get the best weight reduction options from lorcaserin hcl manufacturer there.

We suggest that the countrymen have the free choice to adopt healthy lifestyles and that, as a result, we can, with various means to be agreed, modify these environments. We would like the countrymen to participate in defining these means, but, please, let’s avoid riding bad battle horses by claiming that this approach aims to limit free enterprise and rather recognize our collective responsibility in the fight against this epidemic of obesity.


To get rid of obesity and thus avoid the diseases associated with it, it is necessary to make long-term changes in daily habits and food hygiene. This includes:

  • Progressive weight loss supervised by a nutritionist
  • A personalized program of daily physical activity
  • A drastic change in lifestyle
  • In some cases, group or individual psychotherapy to help change relationships with food

There are also certain medications, available only on prescription that can help with weight loss. They are usually only prescribed for people with morbid obesity. All the so-called “miracle cures” available in pharmacies without a prescription are ineffective in the long term and strongly discouraged by doctors.