Things To Consider Before Buying A Face Mask

Things To Consider Before Buying A Face Mask

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Since it has become important for everyone to wear face masks in public to lower the spread of the virus, people are buying masks or either making their own cloth masks at home. Masks are not a replacement for social distancing or washing your hands properly, they are one of the precautionary steps everyone should practice, especially in public. However, there are certain essential things you should always be considering before buying a mask so that you get complete protection and are at the least of spreading or being infected by the virus. Here are the things to keep in mind before buying a face mask:

  • Fabric of the mask is important- Just like when you are buying a dress you check the fabric of the material, do the same while buying a mask now. Some fabrics have larger holes while others have small ones, depending on its construction and the ones with smaller holes will be effective against the virus. Cotton masks are highly suggested by experts as it is most effective in blocking the spread of the virus.
  •  Multiple layers of fabric- Studies have found that multiple layers of fabric have high effectiveness against the virus, giving you great protection. However, the only setback of multiple layer masks is that some people find it difficult to breathe in these masks. But do not worry, as there are two layers face masks also available in the market which helps you breathe properly and give protection. You can visit sites like Breathe Safely to choose and buy from various ranges of masks available there.
  • The mask should fit you well- Apart from the quality fabric and layers in the mask, the size and fit of the mask is also very important. If you buy a good mask but it does not fit you well then it’s of no use. If the mask is too big, the chances of the virus entering from the sides are high. If the mask is too small, it won’t be covering your nose or mouth properly. Hence, select a mask based on its size. But if you are buying a mask from the store, do not go on trying masks to find your fit, it’s risky, just look for the size on the pack.

Face masks are one of the very important protective gear that helps in lowering the spread of the virus, so wear it without fail.

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