Understanding How Science Helps Treat Addiction

Understanding How Science Helps Treat Addiction

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Addiction can present catastrophic results for individuals and lead to devastating events that lead to jail or even death. The drug of choice determines how much damage happens to the body, and how often the individual chooses to use the drug can also play a role. A new approach to addiction treatment can provide help for individuals suffering from addiction.

The Desire to Use

The desire to use alcohol or controlled substances comes from the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. As the individual uses their drug of choice, the brain releases a greater quantity of the feel-good hormones into the body. As they get their high, the body becomes dependent on the greater volume of hormones. When the individual stops using, the brain causes withdrawal symptoms because the higher volume of the feel-good hormones is no longer occurring. Once the individual gets the hormone release under control, they have a better chance of fighting addiction.

Eliminating the Toxins from the Body

Most drug rehab centers require the patient to go through a lengthy and painful detox process. Essentially, the centers place the patient in a room alone or with a roommate, and they are just expected to sweat it out without any medications or assistance. The process can lead to severe dehydration and shock. Even if the patient is monitored closely, they could have seizures and other complex health issues as the drugs or alcohol leave the body. A new science-based approach doesn’t require this.

The patients are allowed to walk around in the clinic while they are in detox, and they can eat or drink safe beverages at any time. They aren’t basically locked up in a room where they must struggle through painful withdrawals and suffer. The new approach doesn’t make the individual feel like they are being tortured.

Counseling and a Better Understanding

Counseling over at ARC is not the same as more traditional counseling practices started by religion-based treatment centers. The new science-based program helps the individual find out what is driving their addiction without the blame game. In a religion-based program, the individual is assigned blame and receives judgment instead of the help they really need. This is not a productive way to treat addiction. Shame doesn’t do anything but make the individual want to use more of the controlled substance or alcohol.

Counseling can also help the rebuild relationships with the family and friends. However, this new approach allows the individual to decide who they want in their life and eliminate people who are not healthy parts of their lives. The patients learn to rebuild their lives based on what they want out of life. They aren’t forced to allow people back in if the patient doesn’t want these people in their lives.

Addiction destroys families and can make an individual a complete different person. It is fueled by a desire to use and create a high. The body responds to a higher release of feel-good hormones and goes into withdrawal if the individual doesn’t continue using. Patients can learn more about science-based treatment by contacting a rehab center now.


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