The Penis health and More for Your Choices

The Penis health and More for Your Choices

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Worry more about your physical health. Health is more important than penis size. If you have concerns about the size of the penis, think that your partner can be fully satisfied with sex if you show confidence and take into account their tastes and preferences. Instead of obsessing over penis size, dedicate your time and energy to maintaining good health. Eat healthy, avoid excesses, drugs and tobacco and get enough exercise. Body wellness will help you have a more positive attitude and feel better about yourself.

Seek help from experts

The really important thing is not the size of the penis. If it stays erect and does it for long enough, your partner will feel the same pleasure as if it were bigger. For this reason, you have to pay more attention to solving erection or premature ejaculation problems than to the centimeters that your penis measures. If you notice that your erections are less frequent and long-lasting or that you do not hold enough to make your partner climax, then seek the help of an expert.

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The thickness of the penis is essential

Everything seems to indicate that the length does not matter so much as the thickness of the penis . An investigation to respect discovered that although most men was concerned about the size of their penis, they were only interested in the width of the same. So said 9 out of 10 women surveyed.

Another study, published in the journal Plos One, went further, asking women to show their penis size preferences through 33 different 3D printed models.

Image of the study of penises in 3D

Sizes ranged from 10 cm to 21.5 in length. The penis models were printed in blue plastic so that they could not be conditioned by their race. They prefer them bigger and fatter than average if it’s just for a crazy night. For couples, they want them normal. Go for the Titan Gel Greece there now.

The 75 women who participated chose differently depending on what they were looking for. If it was a one-night stand, they preferred the large and fat ones, while for a formal couple they chose the medium-sized ones.

Satisfied Gtres

From all this we draw some conclusions: the focus should be on the thickness , a characteristic of the erect penis that produces greater sexual satisfaction in the couple, and less on the length.

Apart from the eternal debate about whether or not the size of the penis is really important to enjoy a full sex life, men all over the world often ask themselves the following question: “Is my penis normal?” A new study establishes the standard measurements that a penis must have to be within “normality”, and it is somewhat less than we believed until now.

The research, led by Dr. David Veale, from King College London and the NHS Foundation Trust, has been carried out with the aim of creating a graph that collects the measurements of the male penis covering a wide range of ages and races. No more complexes, anxieties and worries about conforming or not to the norm. Your penis is probably within the new established mean.

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