The Perfect Deals for the Solution of Male Infertility

The Perfect Deals for the Solution of Male Infertility

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The proposed treatment will often depend on the partner, because the infertility can concern the two members of the couple, and one does not treat in the same way an infertile man according to which his companion is also concerned by this problem or is, on the contrary , normally fertile. Moreover, it is not uncommon for several causes of infertility to be associated with the same man, which of course influences the therapeutic behavior. Zoom on the different treatments possible. By using donor egg it is possible first and foremost.

Surgical techniques for reversal of the genital tract

Surgery to restore the patency of the genital tract can be proposed in different cases of male infertility. It could be:

  • An old vasectomy.
  • Bilateral obstacles in the epididymis or vas deferens, often resulting from an old infection that has gone unnoticed.
  • If a repealization is obtained in 30 to 60% of cases, a pregnancy is more rarely the rendezvous. Indeed, many of these men also have an abnormality in sperm production. Most of the andrologists therefore prefer to collect sperm from the start in the epididymides for an MPA.

The surgeon will be able to perform the repealing procedure at the same time as the sperm collection.

Surgical treatment of varicocele

Testicular varicocele is the development of varicose veins around the veins surrounding the testicles and can interfere with sperm formation, presumably by increasing the temperature of the scrotum. However, all men with this problem are, fortunately, far from infertile. For the male infertility this happens to be perfect.

But when this is the case, surgical treatment can allow a return to fertility. It can be realized:

  • By a classic incision (inguinal or abdominal)
  • Either by laparoscopy (a camera is introduced by a reduced incision in the abdomen)
  • Young boys whose testicles have remained abnormally in the abdominal position during the fetal life instead of going down to the bursa will also have to be operated on. Indeed, this condition may not only affect the future fertility of these children but, above all, promote the development of testicular cancer

Medical treatments

They are various and function of the origin of the infertility in the man.Antibiotics will be prescribed for at least one month to treat prostatitis (prostate infections). Such treatment will also be proposed in case of STD.

A hormone prescription can be tried to restore testicular function. It gives interesting results in very rare forms of male infertility secondary to disordered brain structures (hypothalamus or pituitary gland). In other forms of infertility, the results are often more uncertain, but hormonal treatment can be undertaken to improve the quality of semen before a possible gesture of artificial fertilization.

The administration of corticosteroid drugs is also possible in some infertility of immunological cause accompanied by the appearance of antibodies directed against spermatozoa.

Medical assistance to procreation (AMP)

Unfortunately, MPA techniques are often the only remedy given the often modest success rate of medical or surgical treatments. We can first try, especially in the male infertility of unexplained origin, an artificial insemination with sperm of the spouse. The probability of fertilization is, in fact, increased because the sperm is placed in the cervix or the uterine cavity which increases the chances of survival of the spermatozoa.

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