What do Doctors Say About Impotence?

What do Doctors Say About Impotence?

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The need for a medical solution to the problem of impotence arises both in the elderly and youth. The feeling of false shame makes them not to visit a doctor in time. The earlier to begin your treatment, the sooner it will be possible to return to a full sexual life.

How to Identify the Disease

Doctors identify six main criteria on the basis of which a man can be considered impotent. He is if he is unable to:

  • experience sexual desire;
  • get a sufficient erection;
  • insert the penis into the vagina;
  • make friction movements for the necessary time;
  • achieve ejaculation;
  • experience orgasm.

Choose the Right Medication

The treatment is most often offered by using pharmaceuticals. Viagra, Levitra, and other drugs have a large number of cheaper and unlicensed analogs and rough fakes. Therefore, you should buy it only in specialized pharmacies and medical centers. Gesundeliebe is one of them you can trust, for example, look at https://gesundeliebe.com/levitra-kaufen.html.

How to Prevent the Disease

Every man must take care of his health to prevent himself from impotence. The following rules can help you do that, so you should:

  • take care of your weight;
  • give up bad habits;
  • balance your diet, eat dietary products;
  • control your cholesterol level and blood pressure;
  • be constantly active, do sports;
  • sleep properly;
  • examine the genitourinary system timely and trust your doctor.


The treatment of impotence is the key to successful recovery from the disease, regardless of the reason that led to it. Bad habits are often the reasons for weak erections at a young age.   A patient can eliminate many risk factors on his own, so timely preventative measures play an important role in preventing the development of impotence.

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