What Should You Not Do After Botox?

What Should You Not Do After Botox?

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Today, we have a good number of ways through which humans can slow doing the effects of aging, even if it is not completely preventable. One of these ways is the Botox treatment. This treatment is known to help make the face plump and eradicate wrinkles. Although it can be costly, it has proven to the effective and easy in many instances. 

However, when you receive this treatment, there are certain things you should avoid afterward to enjoy its full effects and benefits. These things include the following:

1. Working out

Working out is a great thing for the body but not so much after you have just received a Botox treatment. You must avoid it as much as you can. This is because the substance has to settle into the body for at least a day for you to get desirable results. nonetheless, if you are working out within that timeframe, the substance might not settle down within the required period. Over time, this might negatively affect the result you ought to get from the treatment.

2. Bothering the injection site

It is normal to feel a certain level of discomfort after the procedure but do not make the mistake of rubbing or massaging the area of injection. You should avoid that at all costs because your skill has to recover from the procedure and any unnecessary movement in the treatment area will do nothing other than reduce the desired results.

3. Touching

Apart from massaging or rubbing the treatment area, another thing you should avoid is touching it. This should be done for nothing less than six hours after the procedure. Once the six hours have elapsed, carefully wash the treatment area with gentle touches using water and soap.

4. Excessive heat exposure

After having a Botox treatment, you should not expose the treatment part to excessive heat until the swelling and redness have disappeared.

5. Lying down on your face

Furthermore, you should not lie down on your face for at least four hours after receiving a Botox treatment. This warning is very necessary because it is not uncommon for people to want to sleep or take a short nap after the procedure.

6. Drinking

Another thing that you should not do after having a Botox treatment is drinking too much water. Even if you are going to take water, make sure that it is in very little quantity. This advice is also very necessary because it is not uncommon for filler patients to feel somewhat thirsty after having a Botox procedure.

7. Using blood thinners

In addition, you should do well to avoid blood thinners after going through a Botox procedure. You must be conscious of this fact because if you don’t, the effects of the treatment might end up being compromised. Before you can start taking those types of medications again, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor.

Again, you must avoid all the things mentioned after if you want your Botox treatment to be effective and long-lasting.

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