Which is Better Minoxidil Foam or Liquid?

Which is Better Minoxidil Foam or Liquid?

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If you have any kind of doubt about what is better, Minoxidil foam vs liquid, then you should know a lot of customers that switched over from Minoxidil liquid to Minoxidil Foam saw raised loss of hair and also had to switch back to liquid minoxidil.

People wonder why liquid minoxidil works much better than minoxidil foam.

This is particularly puzzling considered that medical research that has revealed the foam has much better success price than liquid.

Why Should You Rather Use Minoxidil Liquid?

We all recognize that 5% minoxidil works far better than 2% minoxidil. That is due to the fact that the number of minoxidil issues.

The even more minoxidil the scalp takes the far better it works. Currently, it is allowed up to contrast 5% minoxidil and 5% foam.

With liquid, you can make use of a dropper to exactly provide the solution to the area where you intend to treat.

Even if you have lengthy hair, you can still supervise to do that.

That indicates most, if not all, of the fluid minoxidil, will certainly be soaked up by the scalp.

On the other side, most of the foam product will remain on the hair and become wasted, since it does not concern contact with your scalp, therefore no chance it will be absorbed.

One noticeable advantage of foam has is that it dries very quickly, which is possibly the best-selling factor of the product.

Nevertheless, this is additionally a disadvantage of the foam because the foam dries so quickly, it does not offer enough time for the scalp to soak up the minoxidil.

If the minoxidil is not soaked up into the scalp, how can it work?

Now, why was Rogaine foam reported to have a much better success rate than liquid? That is since the requirements for being a success in the two scientific studies are different.

It is like comparing to apples with oranges. The requirements are different.