Protect your pet’s teeth and gum from infection 

Protect your pet’s teeth and gum from infection 

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Pets totally depend on you so it is important to provide them the best care.  It is also important for pet owner to ensure about their pets overall health as well as oral health. They should visit pet dentistry for regular checkup of the teeth, oral cavity and gum. If you do not show your concern about your pet’s oral hygiene then there is a lot of risk of toxin absorption into their blood stream. So, you can go with your pet for overall dental examination and provide them a better oral health. 

Common dental problem in pets 

Plaque and tartar – if you do not provide better oral care to your pet then plaque and tartar can build on the teeth of your pets. It not only affects the tooth health of your pets but also affects the tissues around their teeth. Plaque and tartar is a brown color deposit on your dog’s teeth. So, you should visit pet dentist for removing and protecting your pet’s teeth. 

Gingivitis – gingivitis in pets is one of the most common problems of gum. It affects the tissues around the teeth of your pet. In pets, it occurs below the gum line where you are unable to see the damage to your pet’s teeth. So, with the help of dentist, you can protect their gum from infection. 

Receding gums – it is the most common teeth inflammation problem in which pockets are formed around the teeth which leads to teeth and bone loss. Pets cannot show their pain and discomfort so it is important for you to visit pet dentist for their regular teeth checkup. 

Periodontal disease – sore gum, decayed tooth and bleeding gum affects 80 % of pets by the age of three. If you are not providing proper teeth care to your pets then bacteria can dissolve in their blood stream and damage their heart, kidney and liver which results as their death. 


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