What and How should you be prepared for the covid testing?

What and How should you be prepared for the covid testing?

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As the covid 19 cases in Malaysia rose exponentially for the past few weeks, it is extremely important to stay at home and avoid covid 19 close contacts as this can add the burden more to our frontliners. However, if you are reported to have close contacts with any covid 19 patients, you will most probably be asked to do a covid 19 testing from a dr to rule out symptomatic or asymptomatic infection.

Many of us might be wondering how and what are the steps to be taken before the covid 19 test. Is it painful and is it safe to be done? Fret not! Continue reading the article to know more about the steps to be taken for covid 19 testing in Malaysia.

  1. First and foremost, you need to identify your indication for carrying out covid 19 testing. Some indications of going for a test include having a recent close contact with any covid 19 patients. Next, it could be that you are currently experiencing covid 19 symptoms such as fever, runny nose or shortness of breath. Do bear in mind that you can still be asymptomatic even after contracting the virus from somebody. In some cases, you will be required to do covid 19 testing before entering a new job or going to a new place for work or studies.
  2. Next you need to decide whether you are planning to get a drive thru test, home testing or visiting the clinics/hospitals which are providing the covid 19 testing. They are pros and cons for each of these options. If you are worried about going out house and contracting or spreading the virus to others, home testing will be the best option. You can simply browse any online clinics through their website and book an appointment for the covid 19 testing.
  3. The next step would probably be on deciding the type of test that you want to carry out. There are numerous types of covid 19 testing available in Malaysia with their own pros and cons. Some examples of available tests include a RTK-PCR test, RTK antigen test and the antibody test. Keep reading more to know the uses of each of these and click here to get Covid vaksin shot. 
  4. RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) – This is a diagnostic test to show if a person is currently having an active infection. It detects the virus’s genetic material which the sample is taken from both the nasal and throat and has a high accuracy detection level. It is often considered as the gold standard test to test covid 19.
  5. RTK -Ag test – The Rapid test Kita antigen is a rather faster procedure to detect the covid 19 antigen where you can get the results within an hour. It is equally accurate to the RTK-PCR test however, there is a high possibility for false negative results. Negative results should be confirmed with a molecular test.
  6. Antibody test – This will be the test of choice to detect if you ever had covid 19 infection in the past. It is done by drawing some blood from your vein or finger. Therefore, it is not suitable to detect active cases of covid 19 infection.
  7. After deciding the most appropriate test, you will need to follow some precautionary steps such as keep sanitizing your hands and wear a mask always when you are in the testing area. Do remember to keep the social distance to prevent transmission of viruses. Your doctor or nurse will make a simple and brief assessment before conducting the covid 19 test.
  8. Post testing, you have to wait for your results patiently and home quarantine yourself until the results are officially out to keep yourself and others safe. 

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